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  1. Middle Chinese

    Which has become an art form in the Mandarin speaking world? A.Drinking tea B.Making congee C.Making sticky rice in a bamboo or reed leaf. I think it is drinking tea. I can't find it in my lesson, I searched this site, I even goggled it, nothing.
  2. Pre-Algebra

    I would like to have my multiple choice answers checked. 3w-10w A.13w B.-7w*** C.-7w D.7w y=1.2y=1.2z A.2.4yz B.1.3y+1.2z C.1.2y^2+1.2z D.2.2y+1.2z*** 6r+r-5r A.2r*** B.1r+r C.0r D.7r-5r 5x+2(x+6) A.7x+6*** B.7x^2+12 C.7x+12 D.7x(x+6) -3m+3m(m+6) A.6***
  3. Posting Help

    Hey, I'm wondering how I should help other people on this site without getting banished, expeled, or otherwise in any kind of trouble. I really want to help, and get help, but I see so many people get banned and kicked out of their schools!
  4. Pre-Algebra

    Find the regular price. Round the nearest cent. Sale Price:$56.78 Percent Discount: 40% $141.95 $96.78. $79.49 $94.63


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  1. Language Arts 7

    c d d d d might be right if you go to different school but connections is c b b b b
  2. math help

    what is answer
  3. Science

    Thank you for helping me check my answers!

    Anonymous is right! thanks 100 percent
  5. Language Arts

    1.c 2.c 3.b 4.c 5.a 6.d 7.d 8.a 9.b 10.a 11.d I got ten out of eleven not trying to give you a bad grade just wanted to help don't remember which one was wrong? sorry!!