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  1. Social studies

    In which order (first to last) were the following countries invaded by britan? A:Sudan;South Africa;Tanzania B:South Africa;Sudan;Tanzania C:Tanzia;Sudan;South Africa D:Tanzia;South Africa;Sudan**
  2. Math

    x + 3 = 1 2 5 4 what is x?
  3. Math

    X/2 + 3/5 = 1/4
  4. physics

    A hot-water heater is operated by solar power. If the solar collector has an area of 5.8 m2 and the power delivered by sunlight is 550 W/m2, how long will it take to increase the temperature of 1.0 m3 of water from 24°C to 59°C?
  5. english (cont.)

    1. if you receive lamentable news, how do you feel? 2. what might cause a person with a normally rosy complexion to suddenly look sallow? 3. if you need film for you camera, where might you try to procure it?


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  1. physic

    Umm lol no
  2. math

    Ryan has an eight-year loan for $6,000. He is being charged an interest rate of 5 percent, compounded annually. Calculate the total amount that he will pay.
  3. English