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  1. Chemistry

    The question is asking the molarity of vinegar, and I am not sure if i did it right. NaOH + HCH3COO = CH3COONa + H2O NaOH C= 0.70mol/L V= 14.6mL --> 0.0146L n, NaOH = CxV = 0.70 (0.0146) = 0.01022mol 1 mol NaOH = 0.01022mol NaOH -----------------
  2. Social Studies

    What effect did the Texans' defense of the Alamo have on Texas's flight for independence? Does anyone have sites, etc that can help me out? Thanks for your time :)
  3. history

    helllp i need help with my cold war and conflict quiz
  4. Algebra 2

    Rayburn's boat has a speed of 14 mph in still water.The total time required for Rayburn to make a round trip from his home on the river to his favorite fishing hole is 7 hrs. If the speed of the current is 2 mph, what is the distance from Rayburn's home to
  5. Spanish help

    Ella’s_____ inglés? A.enseño B.enseñas** C.enseña D.enseñan


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  1. Math

    anyone please help
  2. World Geography

    I didn't scroll down enough :( I agree 100% with Daniella
  3. Chemistry

    Hi again, I have a question. Why did you divide by 1000?
  4. Chemistry

    Oh okay, thanks again!
  5. Chemistry

    Thank you so much that make so much, but one last question. I see that you are using CH3COOH for the acetic acid instead of HCH3COO. Which one do I use because I'm a little confused