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  1. math

    Cucumbers are on sale, so you buy 30 pounds of them at the local market for your restaurant. Each cucumber is actually 98% water. A few days later, the cucumbers have dried out to the point that each is now 89% water. How much do all your cucumbers weigh
  2. chemistry

    Use a balanced redox equation to answer the following question. 71.7 mL of 1.13 x 10-4 mol L-1 potassium ferricyanide solution is required to react completely with 43.9 mL of ascorbic acid solution (under acidic conditions). What is the concentration of
  3. calc/trig

    A 84-ft tree casts a shadow that is 130 ft long. What is the angle of elevation of the sun?
  4. USA PoliScience

    Following the political realignment that occurred under Franklin Roosevelt, which of these oppositions began to reshape politics in Texas? a. Liberal versus conservative b. Landowner versus businessman c. Black versus white d. Democrat versus Republican e.
  5. Texas Government

    Unlike presidential primary elections, general presidential elections focus on the a. party loyalists. b. Electoral College. c. interest groups. d. campaign contributions. e. safe states. Is it going to be B or E ?


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  1. math

    Is he actually ?
  2. Science

    lol then why do you care enough to write that?
  3. word scramble

    sad poopeys
  4. chemistry

    Did anyone figure this out??
  5. US history HELP

    3 is the closest guess