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  1. Soccer

    Yeeeeeha! The US tied Great Britian!!!! And that's the answer!
  2. "Y912f", please givethis note to your pare

    "Y912f", please give the follow note to your parents. Dear Parents of Y912f, Your daughter has been receiving help from Jiskha for quite some time. Our task on this site is to "help" students learn, not do their work for them. It has become obvious that
  3. Happy New Year to all

    Be sure to have enough blackeyed peas to guarantee a year full of good days.
  4. Social Studies, Bill

    history - bill, Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 3:10pm i need help with social studys Please post your question and one of the teachers will be happy to help you.
  5. Literature for Jim

    literature - Jim, Monday, November 2, 2009 at 8:46am I need a start for a paper on how does literature reflect life and communities First.... Jim, always start your own post when you have a question. If you post under someone else's name, then it may not
  6. MC...novel idea

    Check out this posting... It doesn't have to be a doll...It could be her cat... or a bird on the tree by her window.
  7. To Linda

    I've removed your post with your complex assignment that expects you to do some thinking and supply answers. Please repost when you tell us what you think the answers are for each question.
  8. "Classical music student"

    Please ask a specific question. That is a huge general area. Here are some very general sites:
  9. To Alexander

    We do not have those pictures. If you will write your answers to those questions with information regarding the pictures you are asking about, we will be happy to make further suggestions.
  10. Kris - History

    Here are two really good sites.
  11. CE: re ART

    Finally heard from my son; he wanted to check the answer to your ART question "The first american painting to reach the million mark was "Three Flags" by Jasper Johns. It was purchased by the Whitney under the director Tom Armstrong (worked with him). It
  12. Leo: font

    Perfect!! From an English teacher... You done good! =)
  13. Bizzy - proofread

    Bizzy, I have taken this paragraph and rewritten it to let you see what I meant by being less wordy and better organized. My study of Human Development will be useful in working with children. The course,Human Development 307I Childhood through
  14. We don't do YOUR WORK

    We don't do your homework for you. We will proof read, make suggestions, give you sites where you can find information. Encourage! Applaud!! But it is your brain that needs the exercise of new thoughts and exploring ideas. Go for it!
  15. Art... Light

    You are right!
  16. English

    THAT is a wonderful idea! A loose leaf notebook where you can organize alphabetically will work beautifully. As you meet a character, give it a page. Then as that character develops, you add information to that page: their alias, characteristics you think
  17. English

    "Through her writings, Robert Hemenway wrote in The Harlem Renaissance Remembered, Hurston "helped to remind the Renaissance--especially its more bourgeois members--of the richness in the racial heritage." The site this
  18. ENGLISH Literature

    Here is another analysis of the short story... perhaps you can identify "perception" Do you think that MISS BRILL by Katherine Mansfield was imaginative, inventive or perceptive? or all 3. In the story I can see
  19. English

    Frost's "Stopping by Words on a Snowy Evening" has many examples of figuative language. Here is the site, and here also is a site for figurative language. (Broken Link Removed) Figurative language:
  20. Elem. Ed.

    I agree with Bobpursley. However, I think that having a coffee and chat room at the center for moms to sit and relax and "share" with other moms is an excellent idea. It gets the moms out of the room and it gives them a support system to deal with a new
  21. english 2 See line 34-54 in the play. how do marullus and flavius rubuke the people
  22. History

    Linda, we do not do your homework for you. These sites may give you some ideas. We will be happy to proofread, and give you further suggestions after you have come up with YOUR answers.
  23. essay help

    Jon, this is exactly the site you need to check... I don't have to have a works cited page and all of that good stuff. I don't have that many pages to work with my instruction is just to cite the sources
  24. cultural diversity Look under Immigration at this site. Which is Mexico┬┤s cultural diversity? (of other countries)
  25. ? about this website

    Yes. I have wondered this for a while. Can you guys tell what house or computer the questions come from? Well...not REALLY. But that doesn't mean other people can't. When you are online, your computer has an IP Address (Internet Provider Address). With
  26. Raj....English Thesis

    My teacher said that I only put that he "appears" to be a hypocrite, and that I need to clearly state if he is a hypocrite or not. Also, by putting "and three examples can be cited to demonstrate this trait of his", is a pretty weak thesis, she says. I
  27. Shavez - writing

    What kind of people are good role models? This site will give you some ideaS.
  28. Social Studies-Karlie

    This site will give you everything you need to know about Egypt.
  29. History again

    Based on the below from the Wikipedia, I would agree with you. As Solberg reports, "It immediately became the recognized revolutionary government, with its main task to conduct the war and lead the colonies ultimately to independence." [2] The Second
  30. History

    To my knowledge the Arctic and Anarctic are the only places they haven't had major battles. What two continents have never been the site of a major military conflict? Probably Antarctica and Australia. I'm just
  31. History

    These sites should have what you need: The xyz affair caused what problems for the president John Adams?
  32. english

    In a sentence with a direct object... the action goes from the Subject -> verb-> noun. I bit my brother. I->brother. In a sentence with a direct object AND an indirect object. The action goes from the Subject -> verb (past the Indirect Object)
  33. History

    This should help you with that question. For the French Revolution, which of these events helped contribute to the rise of democracy? -the meeting of the estates general -the tennis court oath -the
  34. English

    Well done! I think you have made good choices for Chillingworth's badge. I am suppose to create two badges for two characters in The Scarlet Letter. Two characters are Chillingworth and Dimmesdale. The badge is suppose to reveal something about each man's
  35. social studies review

    Sara, Please, we will need some idea of what you need material on before we can help you. Know the time period, the country would help enormously. Thanks for asking.... we will await your answer.