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  1. science

    The light from the Sun heats a metal surface. This is an example of A. conduction. B. radiation. C. convection. D. reflection.
  2. Calculus

    A rectangular box with a square base and cover is to have a volume of 2500 cubic feet. If the cost per square foot for the bottom is $2, for the top is $3, and for the sides is $1, what should the dimensions be in order to minimize the cost?
  3. math

    1.-3(n+5)=12 2.46=-6t-8
  4. Science

    How would you experiment to find out how much this plant type needs for optimal growth? I am not sure how to answer this question.
  5. Physics

    The density of the dead sea is 1.24x10^3 kg m^-3. A wooden board with an area of 2.5m^2 is dropped in the Dead Sea. Calculate the proportion that would float above the surface. Density of wood= 800kg m^-3


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  1. chemistry

    the guy for apex is a hoe it was wrong it was -0.004 !@#$%^& !@#$%^&
  2. Unit 3: Lesson 8: Interaction of Forces Unit Test

    Can I get all the right awnsor I’m a good student just need to get this test right plzz
  3. Maths Lit , Business Studies , Geography , Tourism

  4. social study

    I believe its a
  5. algebra