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  1. Chemistry

    HOw does the quantum mechanical orbital differ from a bohr orvit for an electron in a hydrogen atom?
  2. Chemistry

    Why did rutherford model of the atom require that electrons be in motion whereas Thomson's model did not.
  3. science

    How did Rutherford, bohr, and quantum geiger-marden metail-foil experiments contradict thomas's raisin pudding model of the atom?
  4. Chemistry

    Given the reaction 2 Na2 02 (s) + 2 H2o(i) —- 4 NaOH(s) + 02(g) triangle H= -109 KJ determine the following reactions. 16 Na2o2(s)+ 16 H2o(i)———- 32 NaOH(s) + 8 O2(g) 2 NaOH(s)—-+ 1/2 o2(g)——-Nao2(s)+ H2o(I)
  5. Chemistry

    What is the change in internal energy of a system that does 7.02 kj of work and absorbs 888 j of heat?
  6. chemistry

    An aqueous solution of copper (II) sulfate is a thermodynamic system under study. What typer of system is this if the solution is contained in a beaker on a laboratory table?
  7. Chemistry

    What volume of nitrogen gas can be produced from he decomposition of 37.6 L of ammonia with both gases measured at 725 degree celsius and 5.05 pressure? In the reaction in 71 what total volume of gas at 667 celsius and 11.3 atm can be produced by the
  8. general

    What are some great sites to help you with chemistry problems?
  9. Chemistry

    How many liters of Co2(g) can be produced in the reaction of 5.24 L and 2.65 L O2 (g) if all these gases are measure at the temperature and pressure?
  10. Chemistry

    How many liters of o2(g) measured at 22 degree and 763 Torr are consumed in the complete combustion of 2.55 L of dimethyl ether measured at 25 degree celsius and 748 Torr.