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  1. Science

    Why is it important for scientists to figure out how much matter is in space?
  2. Math

    A man can do a certain task in 21 hours, another man can do the task in 28 hours and a boy can do the task in 48 hours. Find how long it will take to do the task if all three work.
  3. Math

    In college algebra a student earns an average grade of 86 on his homework and 75 on his quizzes. What final examination grade will give him a total average of 80 if homework 1/10 , quizzes 3/5 and the final examination 3/10?
  4. Math

    The three angles of a triangle are x°, (x + 30)° , (x – 6)° . Find the dimension of each angle.
  5. Math

    Mark leaves the house for school walking at the rate of 4 km. per hour. Two hours later Kris follows Mark at a walking rate of 6 km. per hour. How long will Kris have to walk to overtake Mark?


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  1. Math

    this doesn't make sense?
  2. math

    10,163 METERS?
  3. Stats

  4. physics

    Kat, did you really just respond to someone 10 days later?
  5. algebra