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  1. Science

    Why does evolution matters today if it takes millions of years for an organism to change and adapt? Also, does it have to do with genetic variation?
  2. math

    Lily has $18. Matt has twice as much of a third of the amount that Lily has, and Carolyn has $23 more than Matt has. How much money does Carolyn have

    Elizabeth wants to use a standard number cube to do a simulation for a scenario that involves three equal outcomes. What is one way in which she can do this?
  4. Math

    If the probability of an event happening is p, what is an algebraic expression that represents the probability that the event does not happen?
  5. Calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the quations about the x-axis. Y=x^2+4 Y=-x^2+2x+8 X=0 X=3


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  1. lang arts

    Selfish then not selfish is a difference.
  2. English

    For Lesson 18 Unit 3 Test: Dramatic Transformations 1. C. to gain understanding 2. C. quickly, to create the feeling of conversation 3. C. Line 10 4. D. He puts things off and is frequently unprepared 5. C. Ms. Smith warns Jason that he will have to attend
  3. 3rd grage math

    Sounds like it would be a sphere
  4. chemistry

    The answer is -174 kJ
  5. Math

    1 and 1/4