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  1. Math

    Stella saved $81. Her sister saved $9. Stella saved--------times as much as her sister. My answer is $72 is this right
  2. science,

    A set up is used in the preparation of ammonia gas in the laboratory.Draw the set up and label the parts.i. what is the function of calcium oxide.ii.state the method by which gas is will you test for the gas.iv.write the chemical equation
  3. MATH

    Gymnast Clothing manufactures expensive soccer cleats for sale to college bookstores in runs of up to 500. Its cost (in dollars) for a run of x pairs of cleats is C(x) = 2900 + 9x + 0.1x2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 500). Gymnast Clothing sells the cleats at $150 per
  4. trigonometry

    8sin^2(x)+6sin(x)-9=0 simplify
  5. trigonometry

    a lighthouse A bears N 36 degree 20 minutes E at a ship S. after sailing 2.75 km in the direction N 78 degree 50 minutes E to point T, the bearing of the lighthouse becomes N 8 degree 30 minutes E. find the distance from A to T.
  6. trigonometry

    two angle of a triangle are 38 degree 27 minutes and 48 degree 42 minutes, respectively. if the longest side of the triangle is 256.6 cm ong find the length of the shortest side.
  7. trigonometry

    A tree broken over by the wind forms a right triangle with the ground if the broken parts makes an angle 50 degree with the ground and the top of the tree is now 20 feet from its base how tall the tree?
  8. Math

    The Pont du Gard near Nîmes, France, is a Roman aqueduct. An observer in a hot-air balloon some distance away from the aqueduct determines that the angle of depression to each end is 54° and 71°, respectively. The horizontal distance between the balloon
  9. chemistry

    how many grams of CH4 (methane) must be burned to form 82.6g of H2O? equation: CH4+O2----> CO2+H2O
  10. finance

    what is the interest charge with 10.90% APR (annual percentage rate) on a balance of $7100.00
  11. Math

    2A/B DIVIDED BY 4A/B F. 8A2/b2 G. 1/2 H. A/2B J. 2
  12. Math

    Identify all sets to which the number 3 belongs A. Whole numbers, integers, rational numbers B. Rational numbers C. Integers, rational numbers D. Even numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers I THINK IT'S A
  13. algebra1

    M5P3*(2M-6Q-5)-1 qm0
  14. Chemistry - Please help!

    Small quantites of hydrogen peroxide can be prepared by the action of an acid on an alkaline earth metal peroxide, such as barium peroxide. BaO2 (s) + 2HCl (aq) -> H2O2 (aq) + BaCl2 (aq) What mass of hydrogen peroxide should result when 15.0g of barium
  15. Chemistry

    Bacterial digestion is an economical method of sewage treatment. 5CO2(g) + 55NH4+(aq) + 76O2(g) -> C5H7O2N(s) + 54NO2-(aq) + 52H2O(l) + 109H+(aq) bacterial tissue The above reaction is an intermediate step in the conversion of the nitrogen in organic
  16. Chemistry

    Bacterial digestion is an economical method of sewage treatment. 5CO2(g) + 55NH4+(aq) + 76O2(g) -> C5H7O2N(s) + 54NO2-(aq) + 52H2O(l) + 109H+(aq) bacterial tissue The above reaction is an intermediate step in the conversion of the nitrogen in organic
  17. Chemistry

    Bacterial digestion is an economical method of sewage treatment. 5CO2(g) + 55NH4+(aq) + 76O2(g) right arrow Bacteria C5H7O2N(s) + 54NO2-(aq) + 52H2O(l) + 109H+(aq) bacterial tissue The above reaction is an intermediate step in the conversion of the
  18. science

    a solution that is composed of 5g of salt for every 95g of water produces by what percent concentration of mass?
  19. science

    a solution made from 35 mL of ethanol and 65 mL of water produces by what percent concentration of volume
  20. Algebra

    Five times a number decreased by twice the same number.
  21. statistics

    The mean length of a work week for the population of workers was reported to be 39.2 hours. Suppose that we would like to take a current sample of workers to see whether the mean length of a work week has changed from the previously reported 39.2 hours. a.
  22. math

    I don't know what to do..please help.The doctor estimates that more than 220 out of the 500 patients in his database take vitamin each year. A random sample of 60 patients shows that 27 o them take vitamin each day. how to use a proportion to predict the
  23. Irish history

    Please help me unscramble the following letters pertaining to Irish. NLPCREEAH tHANK YOU fRANCES
  24. MATH (ASAP)

    Jay and Tia are planning to buy snack chips. • Individual bags of chips cost $3.00 each. • Each case of chips contains 10 bags and costs $25.00. a. If Jay buys 1 case of chips, what is the cost per bag? Show or explain how you got your answer. b. How
  25. Math (ASAP)

    Carolyn and Kim are selling lemonade this summer.  *It costs $0.10 to make each cup of lemonade.  *They are going to sell each cup of lemonade for $0.25. What is the least number of cups of lemonade they need to sell in order to collect $10.00 more
  26. Math

    solutions to the problem what four-digit whole number satisfies the following conditons? The sum of the digits is 6; the number is less than 1200; none of the four digits are equal; and the tens digit is an odd number.
  27. Science (ASAP)

    You paint a reddish brown board yellow.Have any properties of the wood changed?Has a chemical reaction occured
  28. Science

    You paint a reddish brown board yellow.Have any properties of the wood changed?Has a chemical reaction occured
  29. Science

    A board has a mass of 750 g. If you ground the whole board down to sawdust what would be the mass of the pile of sawdust?
  30. Science

    Draw and complete a graphic organizer to identify the types of chemical reactions illustrated by these formulas:A+ BC= B+AC,AB=A+B,A+B=AB
  31. Science

    Describe a solution,suspension, and colloid
  32. Math

    In 1 week, the hours worked by the 6 cashiers at buy and fly were 20,20,29,48,52, and 56. Would using the mean or the median number of hours encourage a person who wants at least 35 hours per week to apply for a job at buy and fly? Explain?
  33. Math

    divisible by 15,27,36,16,28,57,102,268,4518,93
  34. Chemistry

    In VSEPR, which of the following is considered a single electron group?
  35. Science

    Explain changes of state between solids and liquids and between liquids and gases?
  36. Science

    Why is water only compound occuring naturally on earth in three states?
  37. Astronomy

    What do you need to know in order to calculate the mass of a planet from observations of a satellite in orbit around that planet?
  38. Science

    What are 3 ways that numerical data can recorded and displayed in science
  39. Math

    155,168,170,193,198,209,229,270,324,347 1.median 2.maximum 3.minimum 4.mean 5.mode 6.range
  40. Algebra

    Select the set of equation that represents the following situation: The sum of two numbers is 52, and their differewnce is two less than the smaller number. What are the two numbers? 2x= 52;52=x+2 x+y=52;y-x=x-2 x+y=52;x-y=2-x 2y=52;52=x-2
  41. Reading

    6 important event that happen in hatchet?
  42. Social Studies

    How are these facts contribute to life on earth? *Gravity holds the sun together. *The sun is about 4.5 billion years old. *The sun is by far the largest object in the solar system.
  43. Social Studies

    True or False Written records,artifacts,and fossils are other tools used by historians, archaeologist,and anthropologists to study the past
  44. Social Studies

    True or False Geography is not used very much anymore?
  45. Social Studies

    True or False To accurately label exact locations on a map, geographers go to that specific location?
  46. Social Studies

    True or False Geographers use maps, globes,and computers to study people and places?
  47. Fast food nation

    Which is what we found in the burgers?, and this is what worries the president of the company and start an investigation. Was found throughout this?
  48. Fast food nation

    as they enter Mexican immigrants and what kind of job offer?
  49. math

    i need an answer to the math problem: 90.9 divided by (1.75 x 1.75)
  50. math

    18x - 16 + 6( 2 - 2x) = 50
  51. Social Studies

    1 page about why would you like to be in the colonial life
  52. Reading

    5 things to tell a 4 grade about math mcas?*2 pieces o advice for getting ready?
  53. Social Studies

    5 paragraphs about the colonist life??
  54. Math

    Day Number of Players Amount Collected Monday: 4 $ 88 Tuesday: 7 $154 Wednesday: 6 $132 Thursday: 3 $ 66 Friday: 2 ???? A.On Friday, the coach will collect fees from 2 more players. What is the total amount of money the coach will collect from the 2
  55. Math

    A coach is collecting a fee from each player on her soccer team. She collects the same amount of money from each player. The amount of money she collected over four days from some of the players is shown in the table below. Soccer Fees Collected Day Number
  56. Math

    Teresa put tiles marked with the letters of her name into a bag. The back of each tile is blank. The tiles are shown below. T E R E S A Without looking into the bag, Teresa will pick a tile. a. What is the probability that Teresa will pick a tile with the
  57. Math

    Ms. Hendricks asked her students how they get to school each day. She collected their answers and determined the following results. • Half of her students take the bus. • 1 5 of her students walk. • The rest of her students ride with their parents.
  58. Science (Asap)

    What is the effect of a chemical change on the mass of matter?
  59. Science (Asap)

    Compare and contrast: When you combine two or more different substances,you get a mixture.The substance aren't mixed evenly.Their properties don't change.The substance can be separated from the mixture.For example,sand is a mixture that can be separated
  60. Science (Asap)

    You learned that a tree can be cut down and shaped into a bat.This is a physical change.What are some of the physical changes we find in nature?
  61. Science (Asap)

    How are an empty glass bottle and a glass candlestick that were created from crushing and melting glass alike and different?
  62. Math

    A plumber spent 0.5 hours repairing a faucet.Which of the following fractions is not equivalent to 0.5? 1.1/2 2.2/4 3.3/5 4.5/10
  63. Science (Asap)

    Month temperature(degrees fahrenheit) January 13 February 20 March 31 April 46 May 59 June 68 ------------------- A.What is the range of the data for these six months? show or explain how you got your answer
  64. Social Studies

    Put these facts in your only words *Metacomet is an indian cheif who hated christianity. * He would always turn down offers to convert to christianity. *He was the second son of Massasoit *Massasoit died in 1661 *Metacom's older brother Alexander was chief
  65. Social Studies

    Facts about King Philip
  66. Math

    True Or False A.16-(3+5)=18 B.(4+2)*5=30 C.100%(25+25)+5=7 D.15-4*3+2=35 E.(40-2*2)%6=6
  67. Science (Asap)

    Imagine you made a gallon pitcher of lemonade for your family picnic.You poured the lemonade into 12 paper cup until there wasn't a drop left.Is the volume of the lemonade in the pitcher and the lemonade in the 12 paper cups put together the same or
  68. Science

    Imagine you made a gallon pitcher of lemonade for your family picnic.You poured the lemonade into 12 paper cup until there wasn't a drop left.Is the volume of the lemonade in the pitcher and the lemonade in the 12 paper cups put together the same or
  69. Science

    5 Grade class with 20 students collected snack-survey data.The class made the circle graph. Cookies:5,Granola Bar:4,Candy Bar:7 Fruit:3,Other:1
  70. Math

    Mario was on a 21-mile hiking trail.He walked 3/7 of the trail before stopping for lunch.How far did he walk before lunch? Explain your answer
  71. Science

    What is the main idea and list a least 2 details about the main idea? Edwin Hubble came up with a way to classify galaxies by shape.He labeled elliptical galaxies E.He classified by th size of the galaxy's nucleus and the tightness of it's arms.
  72. science

    Imagine that you have discovered a constellation that appears above the Northern Hemisphere.You have the honor to name it.Describe the star pattern,as well as the color and brightness of the stars.Choose a descriptive name,and explain your choice.
  73. Math

    Harry planned a rectangular garden that was 40 feet long and 10 feet wide 1.What was the perimeter,in feet,of the garden that Harry planned? 2.What was the area,in square feet,of the garden that Harry planned? 3.Suppose Harry decided to change the shape of
  74. math

    1.xny 2.yuz
  75. Math

    Rename each mixed number in simplest term 1.1 7/5 2.5 10/6
  76. math

    ASAP ASAP if my name is Frances 1.What fraction of the letters in my name are vowels? 2.what fraction of the letters in my name are consonants? 3.what fraction of the consonants in my name are made with only straight line segments? 4.what fraction of the
  77. math

    girls are 1 half of the 5 grade class two tenths of these girls have red haired girls are what fraction of the 5 rade
  78. Accounting

    The cost of an asset less accumulated depreciation equals what
  79. algebra 2

    element x has a half life of 90 seconds. How much of a 100 gram sample of element x is left after half an hour
  80. statistics

    if this are class scores and in one week i have bimodal distribution,another week a positive skew,3rd week a normal distribution and 4th week negative skew.what does this different scores tells you about thios tests , what is happening to the students
  81. economics

    which of these is most likely favored by both management of labor? a. an increase in wages b.cutbacks in health coverage due to rising health care costs c. establishment of a profit sharing plan d. guarantees against layoffs e. new work rules to increase
  82. economics

    The Acme Machinery Company is a closed shop. This means that: A.union members are not employed. B.only union members are employed. C. both union and nonunion members are employed D. the company boycotts union-made products. E.
  83. economics

    Where would ypu expect the least amount of trade?
  84. financial health science

    ABC Health Med, has a $1,000 par value bond with an 8 percent rate outstanding. The bond has 12 years remaining to it maturity date. If interest is paid semiannual interest, what is the value of the bond when the required return is 8 percent. Show all
  85. Chemistry

    Can you have one half-reaction take place, without the other half-reaction taking place immediately? The other half-reaction takes place when the cell potential is raised. I half witness this in some electrochemical cells. Sincere Thanks.
  86. algebra

    how to clearing decimals multiplying by 10
  87. College Algebra

    Add up all of the weights for your prepackaged items and then add up all of the costs for your four prepackaged items. From the totals, find the average cost per ounce of prepackaged items. Convert your results to cost per pound; using proportions will

    How do the characters, plot, and theme of The Great Gatsby support or refute the statement that "the Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character?"
  89. math

    2/3x+1/x=1/6 2x+3x=1/6 5x=1/6 check problem
  90. algebra (math)

    h^2-19h+78=0 solve for h
  91. algebra

  92. college phsyics

    You push your physics book 1.50 m along a horizontal tabletop with a horizontal force of 2.40N. The opposing force of friction is 0.60N. a) how much work does your 2.40N force do on the book? b) what is the work done on the book by the friction force? c)
  93. accounting

    describe briefly how businesses make capital budgeting decisions.
  94. algebra

    The owner of a deli wants to purchase at least 15 more pounds of oven-baked turkey than of roast beef. Write the constraint using t for pounds of turkey and r for pounds of roast beef. (Points :1)
  95. Chemistry Level A

    I am trying to figure out the number of protons and neutrons in Sodium-24. How would I do that? And how can I figure out what element has 50 protons and 70 neutrons? Thanks for clarifying these questions.
  96. history

    Ii need to find an actual newspaper report on Jack the Ripper. we have to show actual article with our work. I have tried to find this and have been unable to do so. Hope you can you help.
  97. health

    What is the temporary condition of being unable to conceive
  98. chemistry

    What is the smalles t subatomic particle
  99. math

    what does ^ mean?
  100. physics

    If you cover your home thermostat with a blanket, will it make the house hotter or colder, or have some other effect?


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