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  1. maths

    The cost of a taxi is $1.80 plus $10 per eight of a mile .write an expression for the nth mile of a taxi ride.evaluate the expression for the cost of 4.5 miles.
  2. Algebra

    At 8Am population of bacteria is 100,at 10Am population of bacteria is 200,At 12PM population of bacteria is 400,At 2PM population of bacteria is 800.If the pattern continues what will the bacteria population be at 6.00 pm
  3. Algebra

    A mural made of triangular tiles has an area of 1750square centimeters.each triangle has a height that is 3 centimeters longer than its base of 2 many triangular tiles are there
  4. Maths algebra

    Larry has an oil painting that he bought for $700 and now wants to sell.How much more profit could he gain by fixing a 30% profit based on the selling price rather than a 30 % profit based on the cost?
  5. Maths algebra

    Wilma went to the local market and bought 3 lemons and 5 oranges for $2.40.The same day and for the same price ,Fran bought 4 lemons and 7 oranges for $3.31.What was the prices per lemon and the price per orange?


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  1. Maths

    Mean =12345678910 mean =sum of data/No of data mean =(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)×10=55×10=550
  2. Maths

    Mean=12345678910:mean =sum of data/no of data(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)÷10= 55÷10=550