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  1. art

    Which artistic value is least apparent in Mannerist paintings? A. Serptentine curves B. Dramatic lighting C. Elegance D. Refined style I think my answer is C
  2. Economics

    Which one of the following is an example of direct foreign investment? A. General Motors building an auto production facility in China B. The purchase of debt issued by the Panamanian government C. A U.S. bank granting a loan to a Guatemalan firm D. A U.S.
  3. Economics

    Which one of the following statements about capital flight is correct? A. Capital flight refers to the tendency of developing countries to overinvest in commercial aircraft. B. Capital flight refers to developing countries' citizens accumulating or
  4. Economics

    When most consumers and firms reduce spending only because they expect other consumers and firms to reduce spending, and a recession results, A. a self-correction has occurred. B. an adverse aggregate supply shock has occurred. C. a coordination failure
  5. Economics

    Which one of the following statements about the World Bank is correct? A. The World Bank provides gold for developing countries that want to go on the gold standard. B. The World Bank provides short-term loans to developing countries that are incurring


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  1. Economics

    A situation in which do not reach a mutually beneficial outcome because they lack some way to jointly coordinate their actions; a possible cause of macroeconomics instability.
  2. mathematics

  3. 3rd grade

    Yes because 14รท2=7
  4. Socail Studies

    Land Lottery System
  5. Physics

    i need the answer !!!