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  1. Programming c++

    a sales report. Each record in the file contains a customer's number and name, a sales amount and a tax code. The tax code is to be applied to the sales amount to determine the sales tax due for that sale, as follows: Tax code Sales tax 0 Tax exempt 1 3% 2
  2. maths

    find the sun's altitude when the height of a tower is 3 times of the length of its shadow.
  3. geography class 10

    what are causes of water scarcity in india
  4. history

    explain any 3 aspects highlighted by charles dickens in novel "hard times"
  5. politics

    explain how power is shared among different organ of the government


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  1. Managerial Economics

    6. Diseconomies of scale can be caused by a. the law of diminishing returns. b. bureaucratic inefficiencies. c. increasing advertising and promotional costs. d. all of the above.