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  1. science

    Which of the following gases was most likely present in Earth's earliest atmosphere? a. nitrogen b.hydrogen c.argon d.oxygen Help me please!
  2. Literacy

    Does anyone know books with themes of ignorance? I have only found Fahrenheit 451.
  3. math

    Let the sets S = {(n, m) ∈ N × N: n + m = 10} and π1 (S) = {n: there exists m ∈ N such that (n, m) ∈ S}. (Note that π1 (S) ⊆ N.) (a) Show that 8 ∈ π1 (S) and give an example of an element x such that x ∈ N ∖ π1 (S). (b) Show that π1 (S)
  4. maths

    eric scored 82 ,74,and 90 in three test . what mark should she score in the fourth test , so that her average mark for the fourth test would be 85
  5. Pre-Algebra/Algebra

    In an y=my+b equation what is y?


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  1. One more question Calculus

    who knows bruh
  2. Calculus

  3. Math

  4. Math

    Is the initial area 1000 sq feet?
  5. Pre-Algebra/Algebra