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  1. chemistry

    In a titration of 0.5 M HCl and an unknown concentration NaOH, 25.0 ml of NaOH was required to completely neutralize 25.0 ml of HCl. What is the concentration of the NaOH?
  2. chemistry

    I wonder how to calculate the Kp if the question gives us the total pressure and no of mol of reactant. Without giving the mol of product how can i calculate the Kp. Can anybody help me what to do to calculate the Kp. Here is the question im unable to
  3. intro to psychology

    The weather person on the evening news reports that the average monthly rainfall for the last six months is 10 inches. A farmer is trying to determine how the rain might affect his crops. This report will be meaningless to the farmer unless he also knows
  4. intro to psychology

    People in the grocery store are asked to do a taste test of a new soft drink. Two paper cups are given to each volunteer. Fifty percent of the participants are given two different soft drinks. The other half receive the same product but are told that the
  5. intro to psychology

    Functionalism is a school of psychology that examines: A. the causes and consequences of behavior. B. what happens when someone behaves the way they do. C. who in the person’s family behaves in a similar way. D. the parts of the brain that make people


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  1. math/help please

    A garden snail moves 1/6 foot in 1/3 hour
  2. elizabeth high school

  3. Psychology

    the answer is not B
  4. psychology

    b is wrong
  5. intro to psychology

    c or d