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  1. Math

    What common word would we have after following these steps? - write down a zero -put 50 on its left and 5 on its right -add 1/5 of eight at the end
  2. Chemistry

    What mass of glucose (C6H12O6) must dissolve in 400.0 g of ethanol to make a 1.60 m solution?
  3. Math

    Pamela is 12 years older than her brother. Last year, she was thrice as old as her brother. How old is Pamela now?
  4. Computers

    Which of the following experiences is considered a simulation? A. reading a chapter about dissecting a frog with bright pictures and graphs B. listening to a narrator about dissecting a frog in vivid detail C. using a computer program to dissect a frog***
  5. Linear algebra

    Consider for every real number a the linear system of equations: { x +( a + 1 )y + a^2 z = a^3 { ( 1 - a )x +( 1 - 2a )y = a^3 { x +( a + 1 )y + az = a^2 b)Find the values of a for which the system has no solution, infinitely many solutions, and a unique
  6. English

    I'm supposed to write about a hero using gods and goddesses for this "Your Hero's Journey Outline" but I can't typically think of what to write about. Any ideas?
  7. Algebraic Expressions

    The temp. was 72 degrees F at noon. At midnight, the temp. dropped to 12 degrees F. Write an algebraic expression to find the sum.
  8. chemistry

    calculate the mass of naso4 needed to prepare of 0.5L of 0.15M of solution
  9. social studies

    What action taken by Mexican officials changed the trade law?
  10. sosial studies

    what's an oasis?
  11. question for all

    where are these "200 experts" standing by, ready to help us? I haven't gotten any help on my question, and I need it!!!
  12. math

    y=5x-7 and -3x-2y=-12 I have to find the linear system using substitution I have gotten it to -3x-2(5x-7)=-12 Now I am stuck at solving for x PLEASE HELP any way you can Thanks Oh, and please show me how you did it as well :)
  13. math

    -3x-2(5x-7)=-12 I need to solve for x, please help!! and show me how you did it if possible!
  14. 7th grade-math

    I need to find the linear system for the equations 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Any help at all would be great! And please show me how you did it if possible, thanks!
  15. algebra

    I need help, i have to solve the linear solution using substitution, the equations are 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Also, please show me how you did it if possible. Thanks!