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  1. Metallurgy

    what are cast iron boring scarp and other types of scrap used for steel making?
  2. math

    How much pure anti freeze must be added to 10 gal of 10% antifreeze solution to increase its concentration to 60 % anti freeze? If X represents the number of pure antifreeze solution, what is the correct statement of the problem?
  3. Statistics

    Several states, including California, have passed legislation requiring automakers to sell a certain percentage of zero-emissions cars within their borders. One current alternative is battery-powered cars. The major problem with battery-operated cars is
  4. Statistics

    θ=0.5 θ=1 θ=2 θ=3 λ = 2 θ = 0.5 μ = 0.5 σ = 0.5 θ=0.5 0 2 1 0.270670566 2 0.036631278 3 0.004957504 4 0.000670925 5 9.07999E-05 draw the graph for θ=1 θ=2 θ=3 The first θ=0.5 graph was drawn for you so follow the same procedure for the others.
  5. physics

    A player kicks a football at an angle of 45 degree with initial speed of 20 metre per second a second player on the goal line 60 metre away in the direction of a kick start training to receive the ball at that instant find the constant speed of the second
  6. math

    each student in an art class has 48 identical 1 cm cubes. Each student glues all of his or her cubes together to make a rectangular solid. No two solids are identical. What is the maximum number of students in that art class ?
  7. Language Arts

    What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? After reading about the events in world war ll, she wanted to visit the Holocaust museum? A)After reading B)About events in WW2 C)she wanted D)to visit the holocaust museum I think it's D, but then again I
  8. economic s

    are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed
  9. Physics

    A container with a one-liter capacity at 27 degree C is filled with helium to a pressure of 2 atm. how many moles of helium does it hold?
  10. medical billing and coding

    What is the icd 9 cm code for chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis?
  11. medical coding

    1.LOCATION: Inpatient, Hospital PATIENT: Margaret Hill ATTENDING PHYSICIAN: Ronald Green, MD SURGEON: Gary Sanchez, MD PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis
  12. phys223

    What is the amplitude of the motion? Remember, at t = 0 a block with mass M = 5 kg moves with a velocity v = 2 m/s at position xo = -.33 m from the equilibrium position of the spring. The block is attached to a massless spring of spring constant k = 61.2
  13. physics

    Suppose you are stopped for a traffic light, and a fast ambulance approaches you from behind with a speed of 34.0 m/s. The siren on the ambulance produces sound with a frequency of 960 Hz. The speed of sound in air is 343 m/s. What is the wavelength of the
  14. trigonometry help me

    6.Prove that tan y cos^2 y + sin^2y/sin y = cos y + sin y 10.Prove that 1+tanθ/1-tanθ = sec^2θ+2tanθ/1-tan^2θ 17.Prove that sin^2w-cos^2w/tan w sin w + cos w tan w = cos w-cot w cos w 23.Find a counterexample to shows that the equation sec a – cos
  15. math

    there are three consecutive positive integers such that the sum of the squares of the smallest two is 221. write and equation to find the three consecutive positive integers let x= the smallest integer
  16. Physics1

    When a mass of 21 g is attached to a certain spring, it makes 23 complete vibrations in 5.0 s. What is the spring constant of the spring? Answer in units of N/m

    An astronaut of mass 78.0 kg is taking a space walk to work on the International Space Station. Because of a malfunction with the booster rockets on his spacesuit, he finds himself drifting away from the station with a constant speed of 0.500 m/s. With the
  18. Physics

    In a slow-pitch softball game, a 0.200 kg softball crossed the plate at 10.00 m/s at an angle of 45.0° below the horizontal. The batter hits the ball toward center field, giving it a velocity of 44.0 m/s at 30.0° above the horizontal. If the force on the
  19. Cemistry

    When a 0.952 g sample of an organic compound containing C, H,and O is burned completely in oxygen, 1.35 g of CO2 and0.826 g of H2O are produced. What is the empiricalformula of the compound?
  20. Physics

    Two balls have masses 44 kg and 86 kg. The 44 kg ball has an initial velocity of 80 m/s (to the right) along a line joining the two balls and the 86 kg ball is at rest. The 86 kg ball has initial velocity of −24 m/s. The two balls make a head-on elastic
  21. Chemistry

    1. Show quantitatively how you would prepare a solution of 3.10 x 10^2 g of 0.125 molar (m) ethylene alcohol from ethylene glycol and water.
  22. chemistry

    A 1.00-g sample of carbon from a modern source gave 15.3 disintegrations per minute. A sample of carbon from an “old” source gave 920 disintegrations per hour. What is the age of the “old” sample of carbon? The half-life of carbon-14 is 5.73×103
  23. chemistry

    A 1.00-g sample of carbon from a modern source gave 15.3 disintegrations per minute. A sample of carbon from an “old” source gave 920 disintegrations per hour. What is the age of the “old” sample of carbon? The half-life of carbon-14 is 5.73×103
  24. chemistry

    A ^232Th source is rated at 42 curies. How many thorium atoms disintegrate in 10 minutes?
  25. chemistry

    A given reaction has an activation energy of 24.52 kJ/mol. At 25C the half-life is 4 minutes. At what temperature will the half-life be reduced to 20 seconds?
  26. chemistry

    A reaction rate increases by a factor of 815 in the presence of a catalyst at 37 degrees C. The activation energy of the original pathway is 106 kJ/mol. What is the activation energy of the new pathway, all other factors being equal?
  27. chemistry

    Consider the reaction: A + B −> C If it is 2nd order in A and 0 order in B, a plot of [B]−1 vs time will be... a. linear and negative b. exponential and negative c. linear and positive d. equal to zero e. exponential and positive
  28. chemistry

    O3SOOSO3^(2−) + Cr^(3+)+ -> HSO4^(1-) + Cr2O7^(2-). Could someone balance this redox reaction for me? I can't figure it out. Thanks
  29. chemistry

    The redox reaction: O3SOOSO3^2− + Cr^3+ -> HSO4^− + Cr2O7^2− is carried out in aqueous acidic solution. Which elements are undergoing changes in oxidation state? I thought it would be S and Cr. For the balanced equation, I got 3O3SOOSO3+Cr^3+ + 13H^+
  30. chemistry

    HOOC CH(CH2CH2SCH3)NH3+ , the amino acid methionine, has pKa1 = 2.2 and pKa2 = 9.1. If this amino acid is represented by H2L+, what is the major species at pH 6?
  31. chemistry

    A 40 mL sample of 0.25 M NaCHOO is titrated with 0.2 M HCl. What is the pH of the solution after 140 mL of HCl has been added?
  32. chemistry

    For the reaction 4NH3(g) + 3O2(g) -> 2N2(g) + 6H2O(g) , K = 10^80 at a certain temperature. Initially, all reactants and products have concentrations equal to 12 M. What is the approximate concentration of ammonia at equilibrium? a. 3 M b. 12 M c. 18 M d.
  33. chemistry

    Imagine a hypothetical reacion for which, H = 0 kJ · mol−1. Considering the Le Chatelier principle, which of the following statements is true? a. Raising the temperature of the system will have no effect. b. Raising the temperature of the system will
  34. calculus

    Evaluate the integral by interpreting it in terms of areas. int_(0)^(9) (7/2x - 21)dx can someone please help me with this question i keep on getting the wrong answer...the answer i got was -324/4
  35. chemistry

    can someone please help me with this question: mass of ferrous ammonium sulfate = 4g mass of k3(fe(c204)3)*3h2o = 4.25 g 1) using the above mass of ferrous ammonium sulfate calculate the theoretical yield of k3(fe(c204)3)*3h2o? 2) the percent yeild of it?
  36. chemistry - DrBob222

    For this question can u please explain steps 3 and 4 4.0 g of ferrous ammonium sulphate, FeS04(NH4)2 SO4 6H20, is used. The oxalate is in excess, calculate the theoretical yield of the iron complex. Can someone please show me how to calculate a question
  37. PLEASE HELP - english

    If something has a higher surface area what does that mean? can it me said that it is more thicker? please and thank you
  38. Physics (mechanics)

    There are two parts for this questions... "When a bowling ball collides with the pins, the momentum of the bowling ball and the pins is conserved." Give the assumptions and conditions for this statement. Compare the effect on the collision between the
  39. Physics

    Two golf balls of equal size and mass are released simultaneously from the roof of a building. One of the balls has a smooth surface while the other one has grooves on it. They then hit on a hard and horizontal plane on the floor. Assume that the golf
  40. Physics

    Please help me... :( There is a moving bowling ball on the track. A student says, "After the ball is thrown horizontally on the wooden track with horizontal velocity v and zero angular velocity, the translational kinetic energy of the ball remains
  41. physics

    A DVD is spinning at constant velocity. Compare and contrast the accelection of point A at the rim of the DVD and point B halfway between the centre and the rim.
  42. Social Studies

    Include a practical example of the philosophers idea in your response. .... I have write a paper on a way to solve street racing and under age drinking using the COPPS philosophy and write a formal report to the chief of police. I have to use the S.A.R.A
  43. College Physics

    a 1200kg car coasts from rest down a driveway that is inclined 20degrees. to the horizontal and is 15m long. how fast is the car going at the end of the delivery if.... (a) friction is negligible (book answer is 10m/s) (b) a friction force of 3000n opposes
  44. College Physics

    copute the power output of a machine that lifts a 500 kg crate through a height of 20.0 m in a time of 60.0 s . book answer is 1.63 kw can you help me plug the numbers into the correct formula to use. then i should have no problem doing the other problems
  45. College Physics

    the driver of a 1200 kg car notices that the car slows from 20 m/s to 15 m/s as it coasts a distance of 130 m along level ground. how large a force opposes the motion? (book answer .81 kN ) can you help me plug the numbers into the correct formula to use
  46. math

    Ben is taller than Jerry by more than 8 inches but less than 12 inches. If Jerry is 60 inches tall, how tall is Ben?
  47. PHYSICS 1112

    A cube of side length L = 10 cm is centered at the origin of an x,y,z (cartesian) coordinate system. The electric potential V (x, y, z) is measured at the centers of the six faces of the cube to be the values shown below. Using this information, estimate
  48. physics

    Four identical charges (+2.0ìC each) are brought in from infinity and fixed to a straight line. The charges are located 0.40 meters apart. Determine the electric potential energy of this group.
  49. math

    Suppose you have to establish a new company. Suggest in which item or items company should deal. How much sale of the item is required in order to reach at break even point depending on the suggested price of item, production capacity, fixed and variable
  50. History

    What was the most important iron manufacturing center in the south? Why did Utopian societies emerge in the antebellum united states? Unitarians and transcendentalists stressed the goodness of the individual and?
  51. History

    Which workers were generally better off in America then Europe before 1860? A. unskilled workers. B. skilled workers. C. white collar workers or D. middle managers The use of corporation was important because it provided investors with A Limited Liability.
  52. Chemistry

    Could some one please help me I need to balance an equation using the lowest possible coefficients including state of compounds, I am struggling with it. The equation is Al4C3 + H2O -> Al(OH)3 + CH4 I would be very grateful for any help.
  53. Science

    Who were the parents of world famous biologist George Beals Schaller? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "'George Beals Schaller' parents" but did not find the names of his parents. Sorry that I cannot be of more