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  1. Chemistry

    The sites won't post.
  2. Chemistry

    I will try to post those sites under a new post. Look at the top for them.
  3. Chemistry

    Try something here. Work the problem as (3x)^3(0.476) = 1.3E-20, solve for x, then multiply by 3 and that will be Ag^+. NOW, try letting Ag^+ = x (instead of 3x). How will the equation look then? Will it be (x)^3(0.476) = 1.3E-20. Solve that and see if x
  4. Chemistry- please check my work

    I think so. Look up Ksp in your set of Ksp tables and see how close that comes. I have an old quant book (about 15 years old) that shows 2.5 x 10^-16.
  5. Chemistry- please check my work

    You didn't square the OH^-