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  1. Math

    An automobile of mass 2000 kg moving at 30 m/s suddenly stopped with a constant braking force of 10000 N. How far does the car travel before stopping?
  2. math

    Leila ran three times last week. Here are the distances she ran (in kilometers). 16.1 ,5,8.92 What is the total distance Leila ran on these three days?
  3. algebra

    when the difference of a positive number and two is multiplied by the sum of the number and 9 and the result is 7 find the number i just need help setting this up i can do the work myself heres what i did: 9(x-2)=7 but im sure im wrong.
  4. Geometry

    Use less than, equal to, or greater than to complete this statement: The measure of each exterior angle of a regular 4-gon is ____ the measure of each exterior angle of a regular 9-gon.
  5. Math/fraction

    The sum of the numerator and denominator is 16
  6. English

    In which one of the following sentences is the semicolon used correctly? A. Cheryl’s favorite snack is chocolate; she could eat it daily. B. Jacob, who plays in the orchestra; has a solo in the concert. C. Whenever I feel afraid; I think of Aunt
  7. English

    Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary colon? A. Here's the question on all of our minds: Will our team be able to defeat their arch rivals tonight? B. Carlos has three goals in life: to graduate from college, own his own home, and
  8. Pre-Algebra

    The sum of a number and 3, multiplied by the sum of the number and 4 is equivalent to 16
  9. Pre-Algebra

    Four times the sum of three times a number and 5 is the same as the sum of 11 times the number and 5
  10. math

    How much of 1 cup of milk will be used for 8 slices of bread
  11. Physics

    A sign hangs supported by a rod and cable. The cable is at a 30 degree angle to the sign and the force on the rod is totally horizontal. If the sign weighs 200N what is the tension on the cable
  12. Child care

    6. Local, state, and provincial governments may have specific regulations that apply to the physical space in a day care center. A typical requirement in these regulations is a minimum of _______ square feet of usable play space for each child. A. 35 (B).
  13. Child care

    You're attempting to determine the amount of usable floor space in your day care facility. Which one of the following areas can you include in your calculation? A. Toy shelves in Classroom A B. Bathroom adjacent to Classroom A (C). Hallway in the classroom
  14. english

    in "The Wager" is it true The banker was probably motivated to make the wager by his hatred for the jurist?
  15. maths

    During winter,the temperature in a village in Lesotho,was measured evry morning for ten are the recorded temperatures in degrees celsius.what was the mean(average)temperature for ten days?-12,-7,1,0,-16,-20,-4,-6,-12,-9
  16. Life Orientation

    what according to the basic conditions of employment Act applies with regard to the contraventions?
  17. english

    how would i write about two historical figure purposes?
  18. Math

    Use the formula to solve the problems. B × In The amount that results when $6,000 is compounded at 7% annually over eight years=____ The interest earned in this case= ___
  19. science

    an object has a potential energy of 100 J when it is 10 m above the ground. if it were to fall without friction what would its kinetic energy be the instant it hits the ground
  20. algebra 1

    Divide x^2+3x-18 by x-3
  21. math

    Brooke received these quiz scores 86 54 90 81 74 whats her mean score

  23. Math

    What is the equation in point-slope form of the line that passes through the given point(1,3); M=5?

    While in Israel you run into a group of people who are headed for the Rocky Mountains. You have always wanted to climb to the top of Pike's Peak and decide to join them. Pike's Peak has an altitude of 4300 m. What has happened to the atmospheric pressure?
  25. algebra

    find the maximum or minimum of the following quadratic function: y =x2 - 10x + 25
  26. sum

    what is 13
  27. english

    is the sentence a daily newspaper has something for almost everyone a adjective phrase
  28. Chemistry

    Ok ive been working on this problem for hours now, can you please tell me if i am correct? Thank You! A gas occupies 340mL at 273 K and 610 torr. What final temperature would be required to increase the pressure to 1 atm, the volume being held constant?
  29. Chemistry

    Please help me get started, i'm not asking for the answer, just some help! A gas occupies 340mL at 273 K and 610 torr. What final temperature would be required to increase the pressure to 1 atm, the volume being held constant?
  30. us history

    Tracing the history of the colonial-British relations, defend or refute this statement: The American Revolution makes no sense.  From 1607 – 1775, the colonists, colonial governments, Parliament, and the King were all British – all under the umbrella
  31. us history

    Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists claimed to represent the true spirit of the Revolution.  Which group do you think was right? Why?
  32. us history

    How did the Articles of Confederation reflect the colonial experience in America? Did the Confederation achieve any positive results?  What and how?  Discuss the shortcomings of the Articles.
  33. us history

    What groups in America gained the most from the war? What groups lost the most? For which groups, if any, did things stay just about the same? How did the war influence the place of slaves in America?  Of Indians?  Women?
  34. us history

    How did demonstrations against imperial policy include obvious violations of the law? How did colonists justify their actions? Are those justifications valid? Did they have any legal means of expressing discontent?
  35. chemistry

    Cooking bacon till it is "crisp," would be a chemical change correct? Since you are pretty much burning it?
  36. MATH

  37. english

    Please unscramble this word bssmyale it is related to at a dance
  38. statistics in psychology

    11. Make up a scatter diagram with 10 dots for each of the following situations: (a) perfect positive linear correlation, (b) large but not perfect positive linear correlation, (c) small positive linear correlation, (d) large but not perfect negative
  39. ART/101

    summarize the comparing characteristics and innovations of each Greek and Roman architecture in 200-300 words
  40. 5th Grade Math

    I need help on how to figure out compund area of a shape. I meen we have the math part of the CRCT tommorow and I'm STILL NOT sure how to do it? Can someone please help me
  41. world geography 1A SAISD

    which of the following is an example of cultaral assimiltion?
  42. chemisty

    I'm totally confused about this question....I don't know what kind of an answer the teacher is looking for. The worksheet has the header "Preparation of solutions for Beer's Law Lab." That's the question: Describe the preparation of 250.0mL of
  43. chem

    a student has to prepare 3 liters of a 1.5 M solution of C6H12 O6. What mass of C6H12O6 does she need?
  44. math

    I need help with helping my 11 year old daughter with her homework. She needs to create a easily identifiable 3 sided polygon which would be the perfectly productive polygon. HELP PLEASE!!
  45. physics

    Suppose that a block with mass 40 kg is sliding down a frictionless inclined plane slanted at a 37 degree angle. Find how fast it is accelerating across the inclined plane.
  46. algebra

    Find two consecutive even integers such that the sum of the larger and twice the smaller is 62. PLEASE HELP I DON'T GET IT!/:
  47. statistics

    If a data set has a mean of 10.0 seconds and a standard deviation of 2.0 seconds, what is the Z score corresponding to the time of 4.0 seconds?
  48. Math

    long mulipulcation 345 x 5 ----
  49. 4th grade

    A rope is 9,000 centimeters long. How many meters long
  50. math

    area of a 7cm. by 7cm. complex figure
  51. history

    what was the relationship between hamilton and great britain?
  52. physics

    A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to a velocity of 8ft/s after traveling 250 ft. Find its acceleretaion. Help me with this pleeaase. Thank you.
  53. Global 1

    The place I have to do is Netherlands. What were the positive and negative effects of colonization? What was the effect on the colony?
  54. math

    can u help me on my proportion worksheet
  55. pigskin geography

    What are the answers to the Pigskin Geography for the games played on November 16, 2008.
  56. pigskin geography

    i need ALL the answers to pigskin for the games played on November 9, 2008 i don't know what week that is though. PLEASE HELP ME! i cant fail this class.
  57. math

    what is the area of a rectangle with a length of 2 meters?
  58. algebra/martix mode

    how do you put the equation in standard form
  59. history

    Do you know what heads are on the University of oregon? what the names of these people are? Heads on a University? What do you mean? Please be specific. Do you mean the people who head up different departments at the U of Oregon?
  60. Thematic units-question--Please Help!!

    I asked this question yesterday and didn't really get much help with it. Can someone please help? An appropriate way to make connections to thematic units involves: 1. cross-cultural activities 2. developing interpersonal activities 3. the use of an
  61. Organic Chem

  62. organic chemistry

    why can't you convert cis-2-butene into trans-2-butene simply by undergoing a rotation/ The cis and trans isomers of 2-butene involve a pi bond as well as a sigma bond. To "rotate" the molecule, the pi bond must be broken (remember this double bond is
  63. equivalent hydrogens

    sorry about the diagram it didn't come out. structural formula of 1-chloropropane an 2-chloropropane which are the equivalent hydrogens.
  64. convert cis-2-butene and trans-2-butene

    why can't you convert cis-2-butene into trans-2-butene simply by undergoing a rotation? answered the original post. please answer this Question
  65. equivalent hydrogens

    what are the equivalent hydrogens in 1-chloropropane and 2-chloropropane. H H H H CLH | | | | | | H-C-C-C-CL H-C-C-C-H | | | | | | H H H H H H
  66. Chemistry/gases/temp/volume

    Given 120mL of neon gas at 40 degrees C, what teperature corresponds to a volume that has been decreased by 30mL? (P1V2)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2. Use V1 = 120 mL and V2 = 120-30=90 mL Don't forget to change degrees C to Kelvin. Kelvin = 273 + oC.
  67. social studies

    i need help with my school election which is on tuesday because i am trying to become the 10th grade treasurer AND I NEED some ideas PLEASE!!!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Be sure to make slogans but first of all you need to know
  68. U.S. History

    To what extent was the U.S. constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation? who cares richard
  69. Math

    How are decimals used in everyday life? Not using money How does one measure distance? Take a meter stick, and watch the decimals appear. I am 1.80 meters high
  70. Math

    How are decimals used in everyday life? The main use I can think of is in money. Money is expressed in decimal form. Although for everyday use, we rely on inches, feet and yards for distance, other countries use decimal measures — millimeters,