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  1. chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Li formed by electrolysis of molten LiCl by a current of 6.7×104 A flowing for a period of 23 h . Assume the electrolytic cell is 86 % efficient. What is the energy requirement for this electrolysis per mole of Li formed if the
  2. writing

    how might someone who listened to the play from the beginning react differently from someone who tuned in late?
  3. math

    there are 6 times as many dogs as cats. if the total number of cats and dogs 21 how many dogs are there? 3 6 15 18
  4. science

    I have an essay about landforms on Friday what are some ideas?
  5. Algebra II

    The longer side of a triangle is 3 times the shorter side. The third side is 4 inches longer than the shorter. How long is the short side if the perimeter is more than 39 inches?
  6. math

    A string of decorative lights is 28 feet long. The first light on the string is 16 inches from the plug. If the lights on the string are spaced 4 inches apart, how many lights are there on the string?
  7. Physics

    A television tube operates at 20,000V. What is min wavelength for the continuous x-ray spectrum produced when the electrons hit the phosphor?
  8. Physics

    The Stanford Linear Accelerator can accelerate electrons to 50GeV (50x10^9eV). What is the minimum wavelength of photon it can produce by bremsstrahlung? Is this photon still called an x-ray?
  9. Physics

    The Tevatron accelerator at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) outside Chicago boosts protons to 1TeV (1000GeV) in five stages (the numbers given in parentheses represent the total kinetic energy at the end of each stage):Cockcroft-Walton
  10. Physics

    Calculate the energy needed to accelerate a spaceship of mass 10,000 kg to a speed of 0.3c for intergalactic space exploration. Compare with the projected energy usage of the Earth in a decade 10^22J?
  11. physics

    You are traveling in a convertible with the top down. The car is moving at a constant velocity of 16.6 m/s, due east along flat ground. You throw a tomato straight upward at a speed of 9.85 m/s. How far has the car moved when you get a chance to catch the
  12. Math

    Let f(x)=x+1 and g(x)= "squareroot" of x what are the domains of "f" and "g"
  13. physics

    two ends of a string in her hands and then moves her hands up and down so that a wave travels from one end of the string to the other end. In which case will she have a standing wave along the string?
  14. physics

    a 1.10 x 10 cubed kg car accelerates from rest for a time period of 5.0 sec. The magnitude of the acceleration is 4.60 m/s squared. determine the average power generated by the force that accelerates the vehicle
  15. math

    i have a gallon of paint that contains 35% solids and 65% water.if i add 5% 6.4 more ounces of water to it what will the solids content be.can you show to figure this out thank you

    What will Happen in this Senerio? If someone deposits $15,000.00 into a Bank and the required reserves is 15% what will be the total increase in checking account deposits in the banking system and what will be the maximum loans available to the public?
  17. Calc

    How do I do this related rates problem? A plane flying horizontally at an altitude of 1 mi and a speed of 510 mi/h passes directly over a radar station. Find the rate at which the distance from the plane to the station is increasing when it is 6 mi away
  18. Programming

    There is a bug in the sortArray method: one particular kind of input will cause a runtime error. In the box provided below, edit sortArray so that it behaves properly on these inputs. public void sortArray () { int beginP = 0; int endP = myArray.length-1;
  19. Calculus

    2y^3 - 3xy = 4 1) Find dy/dx 2) Write an equation for the line tangent to the curve at (1,2) 3) Find d^2y/dx^2 at (1,2)
  20. science

    what physical property do all the following have in common:glass,water,carbon dioxide,plastic wrap,air? mass density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, X-ray absorption, and many others