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  1. Chemistry

    You add 7.326g of solid CaCl2 to 45.5 mL of water in a coffee cup calorimeter and measure as the temp. Increase from 22.6 C to 41.5 C. Specific heat water is 4.184 J/ g.C and the density of water is 0.9977 g/mL. Find the mass of water. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. Math

    The lowest common multiple of two numbers is 36, one number is 12, what might the other number be?
  3. Math

    A package of 4 mechanical pencils comes with 2 free erasers.If you get a total of 12 free erasers, how many packages of pencils did you buy?
  4. physics

    An object uniformly accelerates at a rate of 1.20m/s^2 east. While accelerating at this rate, the object is displaced 470.4m east in a time of 28 s. What velocity did this object reach in this time ? I used Vf=Vi+at which will be Vf=(1.20)(28) but i feel
  5. Math

    9. If f is a linear function such that f(-1) = 5 and f(2) = -1, then f(x + 1) = A. -2x + 1 B. -2x + 3 C. x + 1 D. -2x + 2 E. 2x + 1
  6. Math

    An artist had 45 pieces of turquoise and 60 cat's eye marbles.each sculpture she made contained the same number of each kind of stone and more than one of each. What is the greatest number of sculptures she could have made ?
  7. Science

    Please,can anybody answer this question? How osmosis and diffusion explain why cell size is small ?
  8. Calculus AP need help!

    Use Part 1 of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of the function. If f(x)= ∫(4,x^3)√(t^2+10) dt then f '(x).

    1. If f(x)=tan3x, find f'(x) and f'(3). 2. let f(x)=3cos(cosx), find f'(x). i got stuck. i don't know im doing it right way, f'(x)=tan3x*1
  10. college Calculus Help!

    Find the derivative of the function. 1. F(x)= (1+2x+x^3)^1/4 2. f(t)= (1+tant)^1/3 ---> i hate trig. 3. y=4sec5x 4. y=xsin√x
  11. college Calculus Help!

    Find the derivative of the function. 1. F(x)= (1+2x+x^3)^1/4 2. f(t)= (1+tant)^1/3 ---> i hate trig. 3. y=4sec5x 4. y=xsin√x
  12. english

    Sukie and Lee get up early.Tey are going to grandma today. They will ride in the car with mother and father to get to grandma's house. please can anybody define the major charaters in this paragraph? I think Sukie and lee
  13. Math

    I posted these 2 questions a couple of days ago and although the help I received would have been more appreciated if it didn't come with an underhanded comment, I did see where I made my mistake with the first question, however I would like to know with
  14. Math

    Hello, I have two more rational exponent question that I wanted to verify please: 4x^3y^-2 _________ 2x^-1y^4 = 2x^4y^6 is this correct? 2nd question: [w^1 / w^-3] my answer: = [w^(1)(-4)/ w ^ (-3)(-4)] = w^-4 / w^12 = w^12 / w^4 = w^3 / w Is this right?
  15. math

    I need to simplify the following rational exponent: (64n^9)^2/3 I've done the following but don't think this is right: = 3|64n^18 = 4n^2.62 I don't know how to type in the root symbol so I used | to mean root. Can someone please verify this and if
  16. math

    please - How do we manually calculate the Present Value of annuity step by step using this formula: PV=R[1-(1+i)-n / i for example: PV = 2700[1-(1+.065)-4 ___________________ = 9249.66 0.065 How did they get this answer (9249.66)? I'm so lost. just to