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  1. math

    Let theta be an angle in quadrant IV such that sin(theta)=-(2)/(5). Find the exact values of sec(theta) and tan(theta).
  2. Algebra

    Simplify 0.2(3b-15c)+6c
  3. physic

    500 J of work are done in 4 seconds to lift a 40 kg box to the top of a high shelf. How much power was required to complete the lift
  4. algebra

    A man standing on the deck of a ship is flying a kite. The ship deck is 30 feet above the water. The kite string is 75 feet long, and the kite flying at an angle of elevation of 60 degrees. How high above the water is the kite?
  5. chemistry

    You fill a balloon with 0.76mol of He gas at a temperature of 20 C. What is the pressure, in atm, exerted by the He molecules? Is this pv=nrt? and if yes is it 5.2?


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  1. Math

    I'm not sure.
  2. ELA (My last question of the day)

    Thank you!
  3. History Help

    Alright. I'll give it go. Thank you very much.
  4. History Help

    Is it C?
  5. History Help

    Fine. I strongly believe 1 is B and 2 is A.