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  1. math

    Sound A is 32dB. Sound B is 54 dB. How many times more intense is Sound B than Sound A?
  2. Carpender

    Coming off a 17 " 180 degree vertical bucket elevator, I need a downward slope angle of 65 degrees. How long would my pipe need to be to move right 1.5 feet? what is the height from ground, at the end of that pipe (ie. 14.8 feet")?
  3. chem 1211

    What temperature change must 1.2mol of water undergo if the amount of energy changed is 23.7 J?
  4. Math

    If an individual saves $5,700 and elects to place the total dollar amount into a savings account earning​ 2.75% APR compounded​ monthly, how much will the original deposit grow to in 12​ years?​
  5. Calculus

    Two ships leave the same port at noon. Ship A sails north at 12 mph, and ship B sails east at 19 mph. How fast is the distance between them changing at 1 p.m.? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)


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  1. Calculus

  2. politics

    Senatorial Courtesy is a custom whereby presidential appointments are confirmed only if there is no objection to them by the senators from the appointee's state, especially from the senior senator of the president's party from that state. From your
  3. health help mrs.sue pls

    its drug and depressant but you need to read your books and study not cheat
  4. Health & PE One Question PLEASE ANSWER!

    no sorry thats wrong too A C D
  5. Health & PE One Question PLEASE ANSWER!

    its A A D