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  1. math

    A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charges before tax in the second city were 1500 lower than in the first. The tax on the hotel bill was 5.5% in the first city and 10% in the second. After the trip, the total tax paid on
  2. Math

    Find two numbers whose sum is 50 and whose difference is 6. So I'm going to set up a system of equation. x + y = 50 x - y = 6 And I got x = 28 y = 22 Correct?
  3. Math

    The Sugar Sweet Company is going to transport its sugar to market. It will cost 4375 to rent trucks, and it will cost an additional 175 for each ton of sugar transported. Let c represent the total cost (in dollars), and let s represent the amount of sugar
  4. Math

    Give an ordered pair (a,b) of numbers that satisfy the equation. I got (1,1) but cant i also be (2,4)? I'm not sure how to answer that Also, Write each equation for the vertical and horizontal lines passing through the point (7,-5) in (x,y) - coordinates I
  5. Alg III AGAIN :)

    This one is hard. 5 - |3-2x|/3 = 4 How do I begin to do this? -|3-2x|/3 = -1 -|9-6x| = -3 or -|9-6x} = 3 ????


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  1. Math

    Ah sorry. Equation: 3a-b=2
  2. Alg III

    OHHH! I see. Thanks alot!
  3. Alg III

    Ah I see, but I thought that an absolute value cannot equal a negative number. Maybe I'm just over thinking it.
  4. algebra

    Use the order of operations. 4*8 = 32 32-3*6+3 32-18+3 = ??
  5. Delta T

    Thank you! I feel about better. I'm at school right now and just got done with my chemistry test.