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  1. Ms sue plz help

    Can you give me links to help me find out the answer? compare and contrast the views of the federalist party and the democratic republican party on at least three different historical issues

    asked on November 11, 2016
  2. Math

    1. 5h - 9 = -16 + 6h A)4 B)-7 C)7 D)10** Am I right?

    asked on November 1, 2016
  1. Art

    Storm it makes no sense that you got 3 wrong because only number 3 was different

    posted on March 10, 2017
  2. L.A.Help!!!!!!

    Well notdog your here for the answers anyway or else you wouldn't have looked the questions up

    posted on December 2, 2016
  3. Math

    Oh ok thanks Ms. Sue :D

    posted on November 1, 2016
  4. Math

    I don't know how to do these so I thought -16 + 6 was 10 and it would be the same for the other. Can you help me solve this?

    posted on November 1, 2016