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  1. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    A room has 2 sections as shown in the picture below. Which expression uses the Distributive Property to find the total area of the room? (A rectangle is divided into two smaller rectangles by a vertical line. The vertical height of the rectangles is 14. To
  2. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    One serving of turkey has 142 calories, which is 58 calories less than one serving of pork. Which equation could be used to determine x, the number of calories in one serving of pork? A.x – 58 = 142 x = 200 B.x + 58 = 142 x = 84 C.x – 58 = 84 x = 142
  3. Math (Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    Identify an equation that models the situation and find its solution. Kane planned to build a 53-centimeter-tall model of a building. He later decided to increase the model's height to 159 centimeters. What was the increase of the model’s height in
  4. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    During a canned food drive, Bob collected 6 times as many cans as Tom. If t represents the number of cans that Tom collected, which algebraic expression represents the number of cans that Bob collected? A.6t B.7t C.6 + t D.7 + t
  5. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    Write an algebraic expression for the word phrase. 10 times the product of g and h A.10(g + h) B.10(g – h) C.10 (g ÷ h) D.10gh


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  1. Math (Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    So the answer is B
  2. Math (Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    I think that it will be either B or C
  3. Math (Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    I am having trouble Steve can you explain it a little bit more
  4. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    Thank you again Steve
  5. Math(Connexus 6th)Unit 6

    Thanks Steve you really helped me