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  1. Mulitvariable Calculus

    How to proof tangential and normal components of a vector Thank you

    Carbon disulfide is prepared by heating sulfur and charcoal. The chemical equation for this is S2 (g) + C (s) <---> CS2 (g) Kc = 9.40 at 900 K How many grams of CS2 (g) can be prepared by heating 11.7 moles of S2 (g) with excess carbon in a 5.95 L
  3. chem intro

    The rate of the following reaction is 0.90 M/s. What is the relative rate of change of each species in the reaction below? A + 3B --> 2C
  4. chemistry

    How many moles of magnesium are needed to react with 16 g of O2? 2 MgO (s) + O2 (g) → 2 MgO (s)
  5. Calculus - Compound Interest

    Recently, a certain bank offered a 10-year CD that earns 8.93% compounded continuously. a) If $20,000 is invested in this CD, how much will it be worth in 10 years? Ans: I used the formula A = Pe^(rt) to get the answer $48,848.92 b)How long will it take


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  1. English Help ASAP

    It's funny
  2. Math

    Plz don't off of steves answers most of them are wrong ;-;
  3. Art

    It's the same person saying they have a 3/10 btw I got a 100%
  4. math

  5. Mulitvariable Calculus

    Couldn't find any proofs for these Maybe a link would be great] Thanks