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  1. Physical education

    Obesity begins at home?

    asked on September 4, 2018
  2. college statistics

    Post a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient research study and a chi square research study. Present the rationale for each selection. Be very specific in your presentation.

    asked on August 1, 2018
  3. History

    How did glasnost and perestroika contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union? They brought the outside world and different economic and political options to the people. The chance to elect representatives gave people the impetus for change. They created

    asked on June 1, 2018
  4. english

    lz help 9. Before he would build a wall, the speaker in “Mending Wall” would want to know (1 point) what he was walling in or walling out. who might be profiting from it. what his family would think of it. how effective it was going to be. ***

    asked on February 15, 2018
  5. Physics

    Suppose you were to drop a 9 lb bowling ball from the top of the Empire State Building, which is about 440 m tall, onto a machine that would catch it and then convert its kinetic energy into electrical energy. For how long could the resulting energy light

    asked on November 24, 2017
  6. Physics

    While a roofer is working on a roof that slants at 37.0 ∘ above the horizontal, he accidentally nudges his 86.0 N toolbox, causing it to start sliding downward, starting from rest. If it starts 5.00 m from the lower edge of the roof, how fast will the

    asked on November 24, 2017
  7. Physics

    Two dogs are playing tug-o-war. The first dog pulls with the force of 400N and the second dog is hanging on but is being pulled towards the first dog at a constant velocity. What is the force of friction between the second dog's feet and the ground?

    asked on November 7, 2017
  8. Physics

    A swimmer crosses a river 300 yards wide by swimming at a constant velocity of 1 mile/hour perpendicular (that is, at right angles to) to the riverbank. The river is flowing at 3 miles per hour. What is the velocity (expressed in m/s) of the swimmer

    asked on October 3, 2017
  9. Physics

    A baseball is hit by Aaron Judge, a New York Yankees baseball team member, at an amazing velocity of 110 miles/hour at an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal from home plate in Yankee Stadium in New York City. The baseball was initially launched from

    asked on October 3, 2017
  10. Physics

    A baseball is hit by Aaron Judge, a New York Yankees baseball team member, at an amazing velocity of 110 miles/hour at an angle of 35 degrees from the horizontal from home plate in Yankee Stadium in New York City. The baseball was initially launched from

    asked on October 3, 2017
  11. College Physics

    The maximum speed of a 4.0-kg mass attached to a spring is 0.70 m/s , and the maximum force exerted on the mass is 12 N . a) What is the amplitude of motion for this mass? b) What is the force constant of the spring?

    asked on July 14, 2017
  12. Business Communication

    Please Break up the sentence. Reserving the property requires a $500 security deposit , which will be refunded unless there is damage to the property or evidence that there has been smoking in the cottage or a pet on the premises or if the reservation is

    asked on February 1, 2017
  13. math

    Give an example that shows how to use the Distributive Property to multiply a number by a sum. All of the numbers you use should be mixed numbers or fractions.

    asked on December 12, 2016
  14. physics

    When the wind is blowing an average of 31.8 mph, a wind tower with its propellors centered at a height of 80 m off the ground is supplied with energy at a rate of 14.4 kW. A large bank of batteries collects the energy from the wind tower. If the efficiency

    asked on November 28, 2016
  15. Physics

    What is the escape speed of an electron launched from the surface of a 1.5 cm diameter glass sphere that has been charged to 10 nC? Which equation(s) would I use?

    asked on October 6, 2016
  16. Algebra 1

    I am having trouble with a few questions....Wondering if you could help...My answers have the *** by them..... 1. A lab is growing bacteria in a culture dish. The amount of bacteria in the dish doubles every 3 hours. Initially, there are 500 bacteria in

    asked on September 29, 2016
  17. Physics

    A tennis player hits a ball 1.6m above the ground. The ball leaves the racket with a speed of 12m/s at an angle 8.0 above the horizontal. The net is a horizontal distance of 7.0m away from the player and is 1.0m high. a) does the ball clear the net?

    asked on September 19, 2016
  18. Math

    How much feet will u need if the diameter is 4 feet around a circular garden

    asked on September 12, 2016
  19. Physics

    At which point or points is the electric field zero in figure? I can not post the picture, but this is what it looks like: 1 2 3 4(4+)5 6(-)7 8 9 10 The (4+) is a proton with 4 charges. The (-) is an electron with 1 charge. They are on a number line 1-10.

    asked on August 29, 2016
  20. Physics

    Space explorers discover an 8.7×10^17kg asteroid that happens to have a positive charge of 4400 C. They would like to place their 3.3×10^5kg spaceship in orbit around the asteroid. Interestingly, the solar wind has given their spaceship a charge of

    asked on August 25, 2016
  21. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 2500 kg helicopter accelerates straight up at a constant 1.7 m/s2. What is the helicopter's height at the moment its blades are providing an upward force of 29 kN? The helicopter can be modeled as a 2.6-m-diameter sphere. How do you

    asked on August 24, 2016
  22. Algebra

    Let P0 = $1000.00. • k = 0.5% = _____0.005______ as a decimal. Compute and explain how to find the doubling time. Then, write the compound interest equation for this value of k and the 3 values for t. Number of years Equation New Value 1

    asked on June 28, 2016
  23. math

    (3/5 p) + 17 = 68

    asked on May 20, 2016
  24. Pre-Algebra


    asked on May 8, 2016
  25. geometry

    Line AB is parallel to line CD. What is the sum of the measure of angle K and the measure of angle Y?

    asked on April 5, 2016
  26. Geography

    unscramble these words risut its a type of watch

    asked on March 22, 2016
  27. Math

    How many square feet of tile would be needed to cover the area of a room 14 feet long and 12 feet wide?

    asked on March 2, 2016
  28. Gen Chem

    A mixture of NaCl and sucrose (C12H22O11) of combined mass 10.2 g is dissolved in enough water to make up a 250 mL solution. The osmotic pressure of the solution is 8.29 atm at 23°C. Calculate the mass percent of NaCl in the mixture.

    asked on February 4, 2016
  29. Math

    The diameter of a soup can is 7cm. The label wraps around the can. About how many centimeters long must the label be to go all the way around the soup can?(use 22/7 for pi) explain how to mentally check whether your answer is reasonable.

    asked on February 3, 2016
  30. Math

    Suppose f(x)=x^(3)−3 What is the average rate of change of f(x) with respect to x as x changes from 1 to 1+h? The AROC is?

    asked on January 21, 2016
  31. Math

    Forty percent of the 20 seats on the bus were occupied. Write 40% as a reduced fraction. Then find the number of seats that were occupied.

    asked on January 17, 2016
  32. math

    How many different rectangular gardens can you make, whose dimensions are whole numbers, if you have 48 m. Of fencing materials and the width is at least 4 m? Consider a 6m by 18m rectangle the same as an 18m by 6m rectangle.

    asked on January 5, 2016
  33. Math

    Shannon bought 9 pounds of almonds for a total cost of $27. The cost per pound of cashews is 70% more than the cost of almonds. Shannon bought enough cashews that when she mixed them with the almonds the cost was $4.00 per pound. What percent of the

    asked on January 4, 2016
  34. math

    The table shows the outputs y for different inputs x: Input (x) 3 7 11 15 Output (y) 4 6 8 10 Part A: Do the data in this table represent a function? Justify your answer. (3 points) Part B: Compare the data in the table with the relation f(x) = 5x – 21.

    asked on December 3, 2015
  35. English

    That container of fried rice has spent six weeks in the back of the refrigerator. I need help finding the complete subject and the simple subject.

    asked on November 19, 2015
  36. 5th grade math

    A class of 32 students voted on their favorite colors. 1/4 students said green is their favorite, 3/8 said red, the rest said orange. What fraction of students said their favorite color is orange and how many voted for each color. very confusing please

    asked on November 18, 2015
  37. Physics 101

    A carousel has a diameter of 10 m. How far (path length) does little Joey, strapped in at the very edge of the carousel, travel if the carousel is rotated through angle of 45 degrees, 45 rad and 45 rev, respectively?

    asked on November 12, 2015
  38. Math

    A class of 30 voted on their favorite sport. 1/3 said soccer, 2/3 said basketb. the rest said their favorite is football. what fraction of students favorite sport is football!!! please help

    asked on November 9, 2015
  39. Physics

    A jet aircraft is flying due south at 300 m/s at a place where the earth’s magnetic field is 80 µT. Find the potential difference between the wing tips if they are 25 m apart. Which tip has the higher potential?

    asked on November 4, 2015
  40. Chemistry

    4. A 9.25 g sample of sodium reacts completely with sulfur to form a compound with a weight of 15.75 g. I have no clue how to do this problem will some please explain it to me thank you

    asked on October 15, 2015
  41. Finance

    Could someone tell me how to calculate this in excel? You are applying for a 30-year, fixed-rate (APR 6.50%), monthly-payment-required mortgage loan for a house that sells for $80,000 today. The mortgage bank will ask you for 20% initial down payment (in

    asked on October 2, 2015
  42. chemistry

    A chemist determined by measurements that 0.0850 moles of mercury participated in a chemical reaction. Calculate the mass of mercury that participated in the chemical reaction. Round your answer to 3 significant digits.

    asked on October 1, 2015
  43. Chemistry

    Calculate the moles of aqueous calcium carbonate present in a 50.00mL sample of a calcium carbonate standard solution, assuming the standard is known to have a hardness of 125 ppm (hardness due to CaCO3). You can assume that the density of the sample is

    asked on September 25, 2015
  44. Algebra I

    I got the following question but since I haven't reached a definite answer I'm wonder if I've solved it correctly: Write the slope-intercept form of an equation of the line that passes through (-2,5) and has an undefined slope. I got: 5=-2m+b 5--2m=b

    asked on September 22, 2015
  45. math algabra

    The area of the living room is 162 ft2. What are the length and width if the width is twice the length

    asked on June 2, 2015
  46. geometry

    the track rises 1 foot for every 11 feet run. find the measure of the angle formed by the track and ground level

    asked on May 6, 2015
  47. math 1

    jake wanted to measure the length, l, of the pond,so he drew this diagram of two similar triangles. what is the approximate length, l, of the pond

    asked on May 2, 2015
  48. Chemistry

    What mass of oxygen is needed for the complete combustion of 2.10×10−3g of methane? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  49. Chemistry

    What mass of water is produced from the complete combustion of 2.10×10−3g of methane? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  50. Chemistry

    What mass of carbon dioxide is produced from the complete combustion of 2.10×10−3g of methane? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  51. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction 2D2(g)+O2(g)→2D2O(l) What is the mass of heavy water, D2O(l), produced when 7.65g of O2(g) reacts with excess D2(g)? Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  52. Chemistry

    Balance the given chemical equation using whole-number coefficients. ?D2(g)+?O2(g)→?D2O(l) Enter the coefficients in order separated by commas (e.g., 1,3,2, where 1 indicates the lack of a coefficient).

    asked on April 14, 2015
  53. Chemistry

    How many molecules (not moles) of NH3 are produced from 1.17×10−4g of H2? Express your answer numerically as the number of molecules.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  54. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 11.80g of NH3? Express your answer numerically in grams.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  55. Chemistry

    In the Sandwich Shop, select the "Cheese sandwich" option and observe the equation given for the preparation of a cheese sandwich. In the equation, set the number of bread slices to "2" and the number of cheese slices to "1." You will see that the product

    asked on April 14, 2015
  56. Chemistry

    Find the number of moles of water that can be formed if you have 226mol of hydrogen gas and 108mol of oxygen gas. Express your answer with the appropriate units.

    asked on April 14, 2015
  57. probability

    a coin is flipped fifteen times how many elements are in the equally- likely sample space? how many different events exist? what is the probability of at most a head occurring? what are the odds at least one head OCCURS

    asked on April 12, 2015
  58. math

    five hundred raffle tickets are sold for $2 each. one prize of $400 is to be awarded. raul purchases one ticket. what is his expected value and fair price of the ticket.

    asked on April 12, 2015
  59. science (chemistry)

    why does the pH of the acid solution initially increase very slowly when metal is first added to the acid solution, but gradually increase at a faster rate as the reaction proceeds to completion? I thought it may be because the metal is just then being

    asked on April 8, 2015
  60. Physics 1

    A rotating cylinder about 5.0 miles in diameter is designed to be used as a space colony. With what tangential velocity must it rotate so that the residents on it will experience the same acceleration as that due to gravity on Earth? Recall that ag=g=-9.8

    asked on April 7, 2015
  61. Marketing reserch

    a marketing researcher analyzing the fast food industry noticed the following restaurant in Cali was 3.30 with a standard deviation of .40. yet in Georgia the average amount spent at a fast food restaurant was 3.25 with a standard deviation of .10. what do

    asked on March 30, 2015
  62. math

    The sum of two consecutive integers is –49. Write an equation that models this situation and find the values of the two integers.

    asked on March 19, 2015
  63. English

    I need help with my essay for the book things fall apart The prompt is: what happens when different cultures collide. I don't know how to actually do an essay I need an attention grabber, connector, thesis so basically a ACT also like a melcon I don't know

    asked on March 18, 2015
  64. Social Studies

    In Chinese society, the merchant ranked below the.. A. farmers & aristocrats*** B. landowners & traders C. aristocrats & priests D. bankers & farmers*** I think it might be either A or D

    asked on February 23, 2015
  65. Physics 1

    Monique has a mass of 46 kg and she is sitting on a swing that hangs 0.50 m above the ground. Pierre pulls the swing back and releases it when the seat is 1.40 m above the ground. How fast is Monique moving when the swing passes through its lowest point?

    asked on February 15, 2015
  66. college algebra

    Solve the equation with rational exponents. (X-1)^2/3=36

    asked on February 8, 2015
  67. Physics

    A cannonball is shot upwards with a total velocity of 61.0 m/s at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizontal. What will its total velocity be when it has moved 345 m horizontally from where it started?

    asked on February 1, 2015
  68. Physics

    By trial and error, a frog learns that it can leap a maximum horizontal distance of 1.26 m. If, in the course of an hour, the frog spends 27.5 % of the time resting and 72.5 % of the time performing identical jumps of that maximum length, in a straight

    asked on January 29, 2015
  69. pharmaceutical math

    You need to prepare 180g of a 10% cream using 30% stock cream and a cream base. How much is needed for each

    asked on December 10, 2014
  70. pharmaceutical technology

    If you add 16g of salicyic acid to 84g of an ointment base what is the final concentration w/w of the product

    asked on December 10, 2014
  71. History

    How would be a good way to make an persuasive essay on Immigration Reform in the United States??????? I need an answer tonight if possible.

    asked on November 28, 2014
  72. chemistry

    what is the molality of 18 g NaCl in 200 g of H2O?

    asked on November 25, 2014
  73. Math

    A savings account at Xyz bank offers 4% interest, compounded annually. How much money must I invest today in order for the account to grow to $5,000 in ten years? Answer to the nearest whole dollar.

    asked on November 21, 2014
  74. Inverses of functions

    −9+f−1(a−1)=−12 f(−3)=2

    asked on November 12, 2014
  75. Chemistry

    What mass (in grams) of sodium chloride, NaCl, is needed to make 422. g of a 3.39%(m/m) NaCl solution? (atomic masses: Na = 22.99, Cl = 35.45)

    asked on November 7, 2014
  76. Physics

    A large grinding wheel in the shape of a solid cylinder of radius 0.330 m is free to rotate on a frictionless, vertical axle. A constant tangential force of 200 N applied to its edge causes the wheel to have an angular acceleration of 1.048 rad/s2. (a)

    asked on October 28, 2014
  77. Physics

    The four masses shown in the figure below are connected by massless, rigid rods. moi-cog-problem-fig (a) Find the coordinates of the center of gravity of this object if MA = 120 g and MB = MC = MD = 180 g x = ? m y = ? m (b) Find the moment of inertia

    asked on October 28, 2014
  78. geometry

    QRST is a trapezoid. If angle S is equal to 23 degrees, what is the measure of angle T

    asked on October 20, 2014
  79. Math

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of y=3cot^4x at x=pi/4 3cot^4(pi/4)=3(1)=3

    asked on October 2, 2014
  80. physics

    An object is being thrown upward at 50m How long does it take the object to reach maximum height? What is the maximum height of the object? How much time does it take for the audit to return to its original position? What is the velocity of the object when

    asked on October 2, 2014
  81. Physical Science 8th grade

    A balloon filled with air does not rise as a balloon filled with helium. What does this tell you about the density of helium? A. Helium is more dense than air B. Helium is less dense than air C. The two gases have the same density D. When heated, helium

    asked on September 8, 2014
  82. statistics

    The human resources department of an engineering company gives IQ tests to a randomly selected group of new hires every year. They claimed that the mean IQ score of new hires, , from this year is greater than or equal to the mean IQ score of new hires, ,

    asked on August 3, 2014
  83. math

    The polynomial x 3 + 5x 2 -57x -189 expresses the volume, in cubic inches, of a shipping box, and the width is (x+3) in. If the width of the box is 15 in., what are the other two dimensions? ( Hint: The height is greater than the depth.)

    asked on June 9, 2014
  84. Prevents

    If a book would cost 36 dollars and it had 10 percent of discount how much would the book cost after the discount

    asked on May 28, 2014
  85. math

    If it takes a runner 15 minutes to run a mile how many miles would he run in two and half hours?

    asked on May 5, 2014
  86. pre calculus

    a gun with a muzzle velocity of 1200 feet per second is fired at an angle of 6 degrees above the horizontal. find the component form of a vector. verify the magnitude

    asked on May 5, 2014
  87. Math

    The quarterback of a football team releases a pass at a heights of 7 feet above the playing field, and the football is caught at a height of 4 feet, 30 yards directly downfield. The pass is released at an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal. The

    asked on April 21, 2014
  88. Precalculus

    The quarterback of a football team releases a pass at a height of 7 feet above the playing field, and the football is caught at a height of 4 feet, 30 yards directly downfield. The pass is released at an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal. The

    asked on April 21, 2014
  89. trig

    A plane is flying due south at a speed of 192 mph. a wind is blowing in at 53 degrees at 13 mph. what is the bearing of the plane?

    asked on March 27, 2014
  90. Math-Statistics

    Assume your expected lifetime income is $1.5 million and the standard deviation is $250,000. a) What is the chance that you will earn more than $1.1 million during your lifetime? b) What is the chance that you will earn less than $2 million during your

    asked on March 24, 2014
  91. english

    Which synonym of the word look would be most effective in the following sentence? Detective Flint leaned forward with narrowed eyes to _______ what appeared to be a vital clue. A. survey B. scrutinize C. view D. ogle I think it's B.

    asked on March 21, 2014
  92. geometry

    A person riding the original Ferris Wheel is traveling at a speed of 0.495 mph. If one revolution takes 9 minutes, what is the diameter of the Ferris Wheel? Show your work.

    asked on March 19, 2014
  93. health

    Drinking in moderation or not drinking at all will typically lead to? A. Weight gain B. Heart disease C. Weight loss D. High blood pressure

    asked on March 18, 2014
  94. Math

    XY= -25 what is the constant of variation for this relationship? a. 1/4 b. -25 c. -2.5 d. -0.4

    asked on March 11, 2014
  95. math

    A student has a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter distributed two coins apiece to his front two pants pockets. What is the probability that the front right pocket has more then 30 cents in it?

    asked on March 8, 2014
  96. math

    A truck drove 1400 miles at a rate twenty miles per hour slower on the return trip. If the trip took 22 hours total, how fast was the truck going on the return trip? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked on February 27, 2014
  97. math

    Find the original price of a pair of shoes if the sale price is $56 after a 20% discount

    asked on February 24, 2014
  98. Math

    a restaurant charges a reservation fee of $15 for its party room, plus $21.50 per person. If the bill was $445, how many people were at the party? HELP PLEASE! IS THE ANSWER 30?

    asked on December 14, 2013
  99. chemistry

    2. What is the percent yield of Mg3N2 if 73.9 g of Mg reacts with 31.6 g of N2 to produce 79 g of Mg3N2 according to the following chemical reaction? (Reaction may or may not be balanced.) mg+n2=Mg3N2

    asked on November 26, 2013
  100. Geometry

    Jason designed an arch made of wrought iron for the top of a mall entrance. The 11 segments between the two concentric circles are each 1.25 m long. Find the total length of wrought iron used to make the structure. Round the answer to the nearest meter.

    asked on November 20, 2013


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