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  1. college statistics

    Post a behavioral research situation that could use a Pearson coefficient research study and a chi square research study. Present the rationale for each selection. Be very specific in your presentation.
  2. History

    How did glasnost and perestroika contribute to the fall of the Soviet Union? They brought the outside world and different economic and political options to the people. The chance to elect representatives gave people the impetus for change. They created
  3. english

    lz help 9. Before he would build a wall, the speaker in “Mending Wall” would want to know (1 point) what he was walling in or walling out. who might be profiting from it. what his family would think of it. how effective it was going to be. ***
  4. Physics

    Suppose you were to drop a 9 lb bowling ball from the top of the Empire State Building, which is about 440 m tall, onto a machine that would catch it and then convert its kinetic energy into electrical energy. For how long could the resulting energy light
  5. Physics

    While a roofer is working on a roof that slants at 37.0 ∘ above the horizontal, he accidentally nudges his 86.0 N toolbox, causing it to start sliding downward, starting from rest. If it starts 5.00 m from the lower edge of the roof, how fast will the


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  1. algebra 1

  2. Math - Help! ASAP

    Why did the cow hate the Farmer
  3. Physics! Help!

    Please let me know if its correct or not. =20N+(-49.804N)+4.418E+3.673N+(-9.301)(-E)?
  4. Physics

    Thank you! Do you think you can help me another problem? All I know is the formula but dont know how to plug in the numbers in it. If you dont mind.
  5. Physics

    The equation I start off with is vy=vyi-g*t? So it would be 0=4*sin35?