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  1. Algebra

    I don’t understand how to solve these last three problems. Can someone please help me? Determine whether the graphs of the given equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. (questions 6-8) 6.) y = -2x + 3 2x + y = 7 A: Parallel B: Perpendicular C:
  2. stats

    scores on the SAT critical reading test in 2013 follow a normal distribution with a mean score of 496 and a standard deviation of 115. what proportion of scores are higher thzn 530? what proportin of scores are between 400 and 500? the highest 10% of
  3. History

    Explain the advantages and disadvantages for interdependence. Include examples from the past and present of interdependence in Central America.
  4. Math

    How would you multiply a mixed number by an improper fraction??
  5. Algebra 2/ Trig

    Igor is flying a kite. he has let out 300 feet of kite string. the string makes an angle of 64 degrees with the level ground. To the nearest foot, how high is his kite?


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  1. Algebra 2

    First problem is 1.70
  2. Algebra 2

    First problem is 1.70
  3. Algebra

    Thank You so much for your help Steve!
  4. Algebra

    Oops! 7.) y = x + 11 y = -x + 2
  5. books

    lily chan is right on all the answers, though I suggest you check multiple sites for better assurance. Or maybe read the book for solid assurance.