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  1. english

    Which of the following figures of speech uses words such as like or as to make a direct comparison between to dissimilar things? A. Simile B. Cliché C. Metaphor D. Personification
  2. American history

    How did Andrew Jacksons supporters work to make the political system more democratic ?
  3. Math

    Ernie walks 1/6 mile in 1/12 hour when he walks along the river trail. How many miles does Ernie walk when he hikes on the trail
  4. social studies

    where do most people in southwest asia live?
  5. science

    Explain how a mutation in an individual's DNA occurs, and describe the effect it may have on the individual's traits.
  6. College algebra

    One health club charges a monthly fee of $100 and an extra $5 for every visit. Another health club charges $103 per month and $4 for every visit. How many visits in a month would make the cost of each health club equal? Suppose x is the number of visits
  7. social studies

    How might Greece's physical features have affected the development of Greek trade, culture, and legacy?
  8. social studies

    please help... Why did the Roman Empire fall?
  9. Chemistry

    calculate the amount of heat released, in joules, in converting 75.0 g of steam at 115 degrees of Celsius to steam at 110 degrees Celcius
  10. reading

    Except for a few pigeons, Central Park was deserted. Mist hung above the chilled grass. Patches of old snow, scattered here and there, looked like white puddles. The sun hung just above the horizon, casting red and orange streaks across low-hanging clouds.
  11. Algebra

    Solve and graph on number line -2/3x
  12. Biology

    Need help on the deciding which releases the most energy - fermentation or cellular respiration. I read fermentation is quicker but didn't know if it necessarily released the most. Thanks...
  13. Math

    I need help understanding how to identify the transformations when the quadratic is in factored form. f(x) = (x+3)(x-1) Thanks...
  14. Algebra

    Graph the solution of the inequality. x
  15. Math

    Need help on writing a system of equations. I can figure it out without the systems but now sure how to write a systems of equations not knowing how many the box can hold. Dark chocolates cost $0.25 each and milk chocolates cost $0.15 each. Tom wants twice
  16. physics

    100 kg car moving at 22 m/s runs into a horizontal spring with spring constant 4200 N/m. How far does the car displace the spring before coming to a stop? Please show your work.
  17. physics

    A 1100 kg car accelerates from rest to 27 m/s in 6.0 seconds. Neglecting friction, hat is the average power consumption in horsepower?
  18. Math

    Which number goes in the box to make the number sentence true? (3+4)+7=3+ (4+_)
  19. Math

    In the question: a rational number plus an irrational number will be ____ a. irrational b real c. rational d. A and B I know it is irrational but would it also be real since irrational numbers are real? Thanks....
  20. Science

    Having trouble with the independent and dependent variable in an if then statement. "If root growth is related to gravity, then roots will always turn toward the earth regardless of a seed's orientation."
  21. Math

    Not sure on a reasonable estimate for the weight of a pencil. Out of the choices given I have it narrowed down to 1x10^-2 lbs or 1 x 10^-20 lbs. I know it is not the other 2 choices because they are positive exponents and would be too heavy. Thanks.
  22. Science

    What is another example of a gas in your classroom? I know air would be one but I can't think of what would be another one present in a classroom. Thanks...
  23. Language Arts

    In the sentence: My plans for vacation include redecorating my room. I know the gerund phrase is redecorating my room, but is include a action verb or linking verb? I need to be able to tell if the gerund phrase is used as a direct object or predicate
  24. Math

    If you are given y = 3x and are asked to put it in standard form would it be 3x -y = 0? I wasn't sure since a y intercept was not given. Thanks...
  25. computers

    You have purchased an Apple desktop computer and want to set it up so that you can access your computer desktop when you are on the road. How might you do this? A. Install Remote Desktop for Apple on your desktop. B. Install Apple+ VPN on your desktop. C.
  26. Law enforcement

    Which of the following is NOT considered a 'criminal proceeding' critical to the process? a.the trial b.a juvenile detention hearing c.sentence hearing d.questions asked of a probationer concerning their probation status
  27. geometry

    Having a very hard time. Can someone please help. Im trying to find how many sides a polygon has if, the difference of the interior and exterior angles is 100 degrees?
  28. math

    Need help on this problem. The mass of a proton is about 1.7 x 10^-24g. The mass of a neutron is about the same as a proton. The nucleus of an atom of carbon has 6 protons and 6 neutrons. The mass of the nucleus is about 2 x 10^-26 units. what is the best
  29. Social Studies

    The most important motivation for the English government to support the exploration and settlement of land in North America was... a. the desire to spread Christianity b. the need to separate from the Catholic church c. the need to protect England from
  30. Physics

    Having trouble on the question below. Would you do need to convert the km to meters and then multiply (4700*9.8*165500)? The first woman in space, cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, flew in 1963. She orbited the earth 48 times during her 70 hour 50 minute
  31. history

    4. what kind of buildings were instructed to build the monks of Cluny along the Camino de Santiago? was it hospitals and churches?
  32. history

    For this paragraph: The kings of Spain, Santiago bishops and nobility paid high taxes and they made large donations of palaces, monasteries and lands a powerful Cluniac order enjoying a true religious and economic monopoly in Spain We have to explain what
  33. physical science

    need help understanding how to do this problem. "A swimmer swims a half lap, moving from the left end to the right end of a pool that is 50 meters long. What is the distance and what is the displacement? Thanks...
  34. physical science

    On the question...a runner completes exactly 2 laps around a 400 meter track...what is the distance and what is the displacement? Would it be...800m for distance and 0m for displacement? Thanks...
  35. Physical Science

    I'm having trouble with the question: Critique the phrase "airspeed velocity of a swallow." What is meant by this. I know a swallow is a bird and velocity is the speed of an object and the direction of its motion. Not sure the question is asking. Thanks..
  36. Social Studies

    I'm working on creating a Thesis statement for my social studies fair project. The topic I originally picked out was "Why is female gendercide taking place in India?. However, I don't know how to turn it into a debatable thesis statement. Can a debatable
  37. math

  38. Chemistry 2

    Calculate the molarity of the following aqueous solution of 25.0 grams of MgBr2 in 0.355 L solution? Did I work this right? 25gMgBr2/184.113 gMgBr2 =.1357861748 mol MgBr2 then: .1357861748 mol MgBr2/0.355 L =.382 M
  39. Physics

    The light ray strikes the hypotenuse of the prism at an angle of incidence greater than the critical angle. Find the angle phi of the ray as it leaves the base of the prism. The incident ray is perpendicular to the left side of the prism. (The index of
  40. Physics

    A battery with an emf of 10.3 V and internal resistance of 1.03 Ω carries a positive current of 0.550 A from its negative terminal to its positive terminal. (a) How long is required for 1.05 C of charge to pass through the battery? t = Q/I = (1.05)/(.550)
  41. Physics

    The Leyden jar, invented by chance in 1746, was one of the earliest types of capacitors (see the figure below), made by covering the inner and outer surfaces of a glass jar with conducting layers (for example, aluminum foil). It is a good approximation to
  42. Physics

    Two point charges q1 = +5.6 10-8 C and q2 = -5.7 10-8 C. |-----q2 | | | q1----A----------B from the q2 to A is 10cm from the q1 to A is 5cm from A to B is 10 cm (a) Find the potential at A. (b) Find the potential at B. (c) Find the potential difference.
  43. Physics

    In 1910 Rutherford performed a classic experiment in which he directed a beam of alpha particles at a thin gold foil. He unexpectedly observed a few of the particles scattered almost directly backward. This result was not consistent with then current
  44. american history

    For revolutionaries like sam adams. the term embraced a way of life a core ideology and an uncompromising commitmentto liberty and equality
  45. Math

    Need help on how to solve this problem.. Five cards are chosen from a deck of playing cards and put into a pile. Three of the cards are red and 2 of the cards are black. A second pile is made using 2 red cards and b black cards. One card from each pile is
  46. Math

    I know when you decrease the height of a cone by half that the volume decreases by half from plugging in the numbers in the formula. However, I don't how to explain in words why a decrease in height by half results in a decrease in the volume by half.
  47. Language Arts

    In the sentence, "If you keep talking to me, I can't finish." would "to me" be a prepositional phrase? Thanks...
  48. Language Arts

    Need help on the sentence below. Can't decide if it is complex or compound. I know if it didn't have the "and" it would be complex but the "and" is throwing me off. "They listened to many American recordings, and then they added new ideas to their music.
  49. Math

    Need help on the problem below with 4 coordinate points. "compute the round trip distance from your house (-2,5), then to your friends house (8,-1), to your uncle's house (2,-1), and then back to your house (-2,5) Thanks....
  50. technology

    Need help on the question below. I have read all about all 3 laws but still don't understand if this would be 1st or 2nd law. "A ball is rolling in a straight line on a hardwood floor. A cat hits it from the right, so the ball rolls left. Which Law of
  51. Social Studies

    Need help figuring out what 3 parts they are talking about in the question: List the 3 parts of the Containment Policy. Thanks...
  52. Language Arts

    Is the sentence below compound or compound complex? (I wasn't sure if "than I do" is a subordinate clause) Tanya drives better than I do, but I can swim faster? Thanks...
  53. Language Arts

    In the sentence: You can wallpaper the room yourself. Would this sentence have 2 verbs -- can, wallpaper? Thanks...
  54. Lang. Arts

    In the sentence, "She is interested in space exploration." Is the verb just "is" or is it "is interested"? Thanks...
  55. Social Studies

    Need help on this one. Trying to decide between a and b. Sarah wants to invest in capital goods in order to increase the capacity of her Internet Café. Which of the following would qualify as a capital good? a. bulldozer b. New computers c. hammer d.
  56. Math/fractions

    Ben played 4/7 hours in the yard before dinner after dinner he played for 5/7 more hour. How many total hours did he play?
  57. Math

    need help on this one... 8^3 * 0^-1 Thanks...
  58. stats

    A researcher conducted an experiment on the effects of a new “drug” on depression. The researcher had a control group that received nothing, a placebo group and an experimental group that received the “drug”. A depression inventory that provided a
  59. physics

    A golf ball with a mass of 48.0 g can be blasted from rest to a speed of 69.4 m/s during impact with a club head. Assume that the impact lasts only about 1.010 ms. Calculate the change in momentum of the ball. Calculate the average force applied.
  60. Lang. Arts

    I'm having trouble deciding on whether the verb in each sentence below is action or mental. 1. They decided on a menu for dinner. 2. The team scored its third touchdown in the fourth quarter. Thanks...
  61. Physics

    A motorist travels at a constant speed of 37.0 m/s through a school zone, exceeding the posted speed limit. A policeman waits 7.0 s before giving chase at an acceleration of 3.2 m/s2. I have solved that it will take 36 seconds for the cop to catch up to
  62. Lang Arts

    Need help determining if the word became is used as an action or linking verb in the sentence: Two years later my uncle became a judge. Thanks..
  63. Math

    A toothpaste company did a survey at the mall. They found that 42.5% of those surveyed brushed their teeth twice a day. Which random numbers would you generate on a computer spreadsheet to simulate the survey? a. random integers from 425 to 1000 b. random
  64. MATH

    Need help on the question below. A cat has a litter of 5 kittens. Which simulation could be used to determine the probability that exactly 3 kittens will be female? a. tossing 5 coins b. spinning a spinner with 5 equal parts c. using a random integers 1 to
  65. Math

    Need help on this one.... Your town is building a circular ice rink with a diameter of 100 feet. Around the ice rink will be a walkway that is 10 feet wide. What is the approximate area of the walkway? Thanks...
  66. Math

    Need help on this one. You have a spinner numbered 1 through 8. What is the probability of spinning a factor of 4 and a multiple of 2? I know the first part would be 3/8 * _ but them I'm not sure for the second fraction if it would be 4/8 or 2/8. Thanks
  67. Math

    Need help on the question below. A pool has a diameter of 12 ft. There is a sidewalk that extends 3 ft out from the side of the pool. How many feet of fencing will be needed to go around the sidewalk? Thanks...
  68. math

    I put the wrong angle measure on my earlier question. It should have been... How many different triangles, if any, can be drawn with on 20 degree angle, one 45 degree angle, and one 115 degree angle. Thanks....
  69. Math

    Need help on the question below. How many different triangles, if any, can be drawn with on 20 degree angle, one 45 degree angle, and one 155 degree angle. Thanks....
  70. Math

    To Reiny: Hi, thank you for your time Reiny and your info. I am so sorry but on the first one I accidentally put 0 where I should have put =9. In other words, the first equation should have said (9n+1)squared =9. Really sorry to have taken up your time
  71. Math

    The following are the last two problems on my test review. I am trying to study for a test. This is not my homework. I am not expecting anyone to do my homework for me. I just need to get the answers to be able to study and if you can help, I would really
  72. Math

    Need help on the problem below. Tommy drew a triangle. Which information will enable you to draw a triangle that is congruent to Tommy's triangle? a. 2 given sides b. 2 given angles c. 2 given sides and 1 given angle d. 3 given angles Thanks....
  73. Math

    Need help with how to work the problem below. The answer key says the answer is 12,700 mi squared but I don't know how they got that. "The athletic dept. at Pi High School is planning a circular track 400 m long. The area inside the track will be planted
  74. Math

    I need help on how to work the problem below. The teacher said the answer is 11, but I don't understand how you get there. "The Big Screamer Coaster carries 92 people altogether. Some if its cars carry 4 passengers,and the rest carry 6 passengers. There
  75. Language Arts

    if you say, "The book is on top of the big slide." would "on top of" be a compound preposition or is on and of two different prepositions? Thanks...
  76. Lang ARts

    I to choose between the word indictment and verdict for the sentence below. I was given a sheet with the definition for both but neither seems to fit. The __________ revealed that the man was guilty and should go to jail for three years.
  77. math

    Kate is at a T-shirt sale where she can buy one and get a second one for 30% off. She wants to buy two T-shirts listed at $19 each. How much will she pay? A)$13.30 B)$24.70 C)$32.30
  78. 7th grade Math

    If there is a population of 800 deer what would be a good sample size and why.
  79. Math

    Our teacher handed out handfuls of m&ms to each student in class. We were divided into 4 groups of 5 each. We had to count the colors of each of our handfuls of m&ms. Would this be considered a random sample? why or why not? I know the definition of random
  80. social studies

    Having trouble on this question. Which form of government gives independent rights and policy making decisions to smaller regions (like states or provinces) of the country which cannot be overridden by the main government. The choices are unitary,
  81. Math

    Need help on if the sample given is random or not random. The first 50 nurses at a nursing convention write their names on slips of paper and place them in a drawing box. After the box is shaken, 20 names are pulled from the box and each person chosen
  82. Math

    I DO NOT understand this at all and I worked on it and came up with answers but they were wrong?? Ned’s Sheds purchases building materials from Timbertown Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned’s decides to
  83. Math

    I DO NOT understand this at all and I worked on it and came up with answers but they were wrong?? Ned’s Sheds purchases building materials from Timbertown Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned’s decides to
  84. Science

    Need help with what a cell is like or not like and what metabolism is like or not like. Am only allowed to use one word.
  85. Math

    trying to decide between parameter and statistic for the 2 questions below. I think it is statistic for both but not sure. 1. A local newspaper conducted a survey last week. Of the 2300 subscribers, 1276 responded. Based on the survey, the editor concludes
  86. Science

    Need help coming up with something that Life Science is "like" or "not like". I know it is the study of living things but not sure what word to say it is like or not like. Thanks.
  87. Math

    Need help on writing an equation. the question is let H represent the stack height. Write an equation that represents the height of a stack of medium lampshades in terms of the number of lampshades, s, in the stack. # of lamp shades stack height med 1 8 2
  88. college trig

    find the radius of a pulley if rotating the pulley 108.03 degrees raises the pulley 37.3mm
  89. algebra

    An airplane climbs at a rate of 66.8 ft per min. It descends at twice the rate it climbs. Assuming it descends at a constant rate, how many ft. Will the airplane descend in 30 min.?
  90. Math

    Want to make sure I'm doing this problem correctly. It says, "A restaurant bill is $84.97. Estimate a 20% tip." Would I do $85 times .20 for a tip of $17.00? Thanks..
  91. Language Arts

    Need help on the question below. On our hike, the rain (fell steady or fell steadily) for more than an hour. Thanks...
  92. Math

    Need help setting up the problem: If you deposited $800 into a savings account with an interest rate of 3.8%, what will be your balance at the end of 1 year. I was thinking the overall answer is 830.40 but you are supposed to use a percent equation and a
  93. Math

    using the expression area of a circle = 3.14r^2 detemine how much of the floor in Barbara's room will be covered by a rug with a diameter of 8 ft. I know the answer is 50.24 ft but I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to write it as 50.24 ft. or 50.24 ft^2
  94. Math

    Having trouble figuring out this problem. I'm supposed to write the inequality for this problem. Vijay wans to keep the cost per person of his party under $15. The Party Place charges a flat fee of $250 for an all inclusive party. Let g represent the
  95. Science

    Need help on this question: Which telescopes out of the ones below collects and focuses on Gamma Rays? Arecibo Chandra Hubble Spitzer Thanks....
  96. 6th grade Math

    I need help on the problem below. The instructions say to "factor the expression" and the expression is: -.2x^2 + 80x -6000. Thanks
  97. Math

    Need help with one more question. Which best describes a statistical question? a. a question that contains numbers b. a question about numbers c. a question about designing an experiment d. a question about a population or sample. I was thinking it might
  98. Math

    Need help on the question below. Which of the following questions is best suited for an experiment? a. what conditions do peppers need to grow? b. do peppers grow taller with 10ml of daily watering or with 15ml of daily watering c. what conditions do
  99. Math

    Need help on the question below. Bill exercises daily by walking on a treadmill. He sets the machine so that he will walk at a rate of 3.6 miles per hour. T = time in hours; D = distance in miles. What are the independent and dependent variables? Thanks..
  100. Math

    Need help on this question: There are 32 sixth graders and 44 seventh graders in the video gaming club. Which ration is greatest? a. the ration of 6th graders to 7th graders b. the ration of 6th graders to club memebers c. the ratio of club members to


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