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  1. physics

    how much power does a 63kg athlete develops as he climbs a 5.2m rope in 3.5 second
  2. math

    A couple wants to install a square mirror that has an area of 500 square inches. To the nearest tenth of an inch, what length of wood trim is needed to go around the mirror?
  3. Math

    The average household uses 2 bags of sugar per household per month. Each bag of sugar weighs 10 pounds. Assume that that there are 3 people in each household on average and that the US population is 336 million. How many pounds of sugar does the US consume
  4. CGTC

    Desiree invested some money at 9% and $100 less than three times the amount at 7%. Her total annual interest was $83. How much did she invest at each rate?
  5. Math

    The yogurt cart has the following three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Yogurt comes in a cup or a cone. You can have no sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, or rainbow sprinkles. How many different choices are there?


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  1. Math

  2. math

    Describe a real situation that is modeled by dividing two fractions or mixed numbers
  3. calculus

  4. Algebra

  5. chemistry

    add base