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  1. Trigonometry

    Write the following as an algebraic expression in u, u>0. cos(arctan(u/sqrt2))
  2. English

    20. Which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? A. Combining opinions and general statements B. Exploring different points of view C. Reviewing key ideas on a topic D. Understanding the topic in depth 19. Which type of Internet
  3. Math

    Which of the following expressions is between 10 and 11?
  4. MLA

    7. When a block quotation is used in a research paper, punctuation _______ the parenthetical citation. A. is set off by a comma from B. precedes C. is omitted from D. follows 8. It's necessary to use a/an _______ when a quotation is introduced by a verb.
  5. MLA English

    1. The MLA format for citing a book has four parts, beginning with the author’s name. What appears in the fourth position? A. Place of publication B. Date C. Publisher D. Medium 2. Which of the following is a true statement about an MLA Works Cited page?


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  1. geometry

    So whats the answer ?
  2. English

    The sentence is filled with verbal irony. If taken literally, the reader would think that the narrator enjoys the beauty of old, blackened brick walls, and is pleased that his window is so close to one as to afford him a good view. Identifying the use of
  3. English

    6 I️ think is D create outline
  4. MLA English

    Ma Sue or anyone who can verify my answers please
  5. math

    I don't know could you please help me