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  1. Calculus

    Evaluate the limit, if it exists. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) lim t^2-64/2t^2+17t+8 t→−8 Please show steps!
  2. Math

    11.4m of rope he want to divide it into equal pieces how many peace will there be 1.4 m long
  3. Math

    What is 179 divided by 8 in 4th grade term? Also I have to do it in long division so I need help with that to!! Thx bye
  4. Physical Science Please Check Answers?

    I have difficulties understanding physical science and I'd really appreciate it if someone would check over the answers of my practice quiz. I have a test coming up and I really don't want to fail it. I marked my answers with a ******. Thank you in
  5. Physics

    1 g/cm^3 = _________ kg/m^3 I tried converting g to kg and then cm to m, and then dividing. I get the answer 1x10^(-1). When I type in this problem on the internet, many sources say it is 1000. I am very confused as to how this answer was reached.


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  1. english

    I think it's B
  2. History

    well, I read everything and I don't remember learning that either so you're fine Michael.
  3. History

    the answer is A
  4. History

    I like how anon uses gay as if it's an insult... it's really not hun. Also Sam is right, the answer is A
  5. History

    oh cool, I didn't know everyone went to Primavera here :)