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  1. science

    In an experiment 4.5kg of fuel was completely burnt. The heat produced was measured to be 180,000kg. What is the calorific value of the fuel?
  2. Science

    E.f of feso4
  3. Physics

    A lift of height 3.375m is moving with acceleration of 2.2m/s2. What is the time required by any object to fall from the roof of the lift to the floor????
  4. Science

    Find molecular mass of an element having- Density= 1.56 gm/l Temp.= 65 degree Celsius Press.= 745mm
  5. Maths

    Hamid has three boxes of fruit. Box a weighs 5/2kg more than box B and boxB weighs 41/4kg more than box C. The total weight of the boxes is195/4kg.Howmany kg does box a weighs.?
  6. Math

    A container of milk is 4/5 full.when 10 l of milk is poured into it the container becomes 9/10 full.what is the capacity of the container.
  7. Physics

    A particle executing simple harmonic motion of amplitude 5 cm and period 2 s. Find the speed of the particle at a point where its acceleration is half of its maximum value
  8. physics

    A proton is confined to a nucleus of radius 5 FM.what's the minimum uncertainty in momentum?
  9. chemistry

    in a parallel plate capacitor the separation between the plates is 3mm with air between them. now a 1mm thick layer of a material of dielectric constant 2 is introduced between the plates due to which capacitance increases. In order to bring the
  10. chemistry

    what fraction of voids are occupied by sp3 carbon in diamond
  11. chemistry

    'Aluminium displaces hydrogen from dilute HCl whereas silver does not. The E.M.F. of a cell prepared by combining Al /Al 3 andAg/Ag is 2.46 V. The reduction potential of silver electrode is 0.80 V. The reduction potential of aluminium electrode is :
  12. chemistry

    a solution of nickel sulphate in which nickel rod is dipped is diluted 10 times. the reduction potential of Ni at 298 K is?
  13. chemistry

    A current of 96.5 A is passed for 18 min between nickel electrodes in 500 mL solution of 2M Ni(NO3)2. The molarity of solution after electrolysis would be
  14. Physics

    1) The electric potential at any point x, y, z in metres is given by V = 3x2. The electric field at a point (2 m, 0, 1 m) is
  15. Maths

    IF length of rectangle is 20 & breadth 5cm, find the side of square which is equiangular with rectangle.
  16. Physics

    An ideal gas whose adiabatic exponent
  17. Physics

    The Young's modulus of the material of a wire is 6 x 10^12 N/m2 and there is no transverse strain. The modulus of rigidity is
  18. Geometry

    in the diagram below of Circle of chord AB bisects chord CD at E. If AE equals 8 and BE equals 9 find the length of CD in simplest radical form
  19. physics

    An engine of mass one metric ton is ascending on an inclined plane, at an angle tan ^-1 (1/2) with horizontal, with a speed of 36km/hr. If the coefficient of friction at the surface is 1/(3^1/2) then the power is?
  20. physics

    The aerodynamic drag on an aeroplane is given by D=bv^2. The power output of the aeroplane cruising at constant speed in level flight is proportional to a> v b> v^2 c> v^3 d> v^(3/2)