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  1. Math

    How to write expression by writing the solution in unit form and in standard form
  2. Math

    How to write expression by writing the soul it on in unit for and standard form
  3. math

    you are creating identical goodie bags for your birthday party using 18 soccer balls and 30 footballs. What is the greatest number of bags you can fill using all the candy?
  4. World History

    Jews were persecuted in Europe for hundreds of years even before the 20th century (1). Thousands were massacred by crusading knights on their way to the Holy Land (2). Another common practice was to force Jews into sections of town called ghettos (3). In
  5. history

    Why did Bacon’s Rebellion collapse? A. The Virginia governor declared Bacon and his men rebels. B. Bacon was defeated at Jamestown. C. The English stopped consuming tobacco. D. Its leader, Nathaniel Bacon, became sick and died. again D. is my answer. :)


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  1. World History

    Im sorry I meant A
  2. Social Studies

    the answer is dont cheat and study try it, it works
  3. history

    ok thanks
  4. math

    1 4/5