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  1. English Literature

    Is this a complete sentenceof a clause fragment - That she was the only one who came made a hugh difference in our plans.
  2. Math

    Find the sales necessary to break even (R = C) when the cost C of producing x units is C = 2.24x + 6100 and the revenue R from selling x units is R = 3.49x.
  3. Pre-Calc

    How do you simplify the formula (v^2sinxcosx)/2g?
  4. Math

    A moving conveyor is built to rise 4 ft for each 5 ft of horizontal change. Suppose the conveyor runs between two floors in a factory. Find the length of the conveyor if the vertical distance between floors is 8 feet. (Round your answer to three decimal
  5. Math

    Find the points of intersection of the graphs of the equations. x = 3 − y^2 y = x − 1


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  1. agriculture

    come on
  2. agriculture

    I need the answer to this question like toay
  3. Health

    Ms. Kary is bae, thank you 100%
  4. maths

    cos 90 = 1/root 2 not 0
  5. English

    In what way do the people actually "disappear" in "the city is so big"