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  1. Chemistry

    How much faster does nitrogen monoxide (NO) effuse in comparison to dinitrogen tetraoxide (N2O4)
  2. Quadratic Functions and Equations

    A field hockey tournament is to be held in Yellowknife, NWT. According to regulations, the field is 25 yards by 100 yards. For officials, support groups and team members, a uniform rectangular strip of manicured lawn is to be installed by a local business
  3. physics 11

    An arrow is shot horizontally towards a target 20 m away. In traveling the first 5 m horizontally, the arrow falls 0.2 m. In traveling the next 5 m horizontally, what will the arrow additionally fall?
  4. Math

    For some k>0 the lines 50x+ky=1240 and ky=8x+544 intersect at right angles at the point (m,n).find m+n.
  5. Math

    For some k>0 the lines 50x+my=1240 and my=8x+544 intersect at right angles at the point (m,n).find m+n.


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  1. Math

    X= 16+3=19 Y= 16-3=13 X=19 Y=13
  2. Math

  3. School Physics

    The flux through one side of the cube is equal to one-sixth of the total flux through the cube = (Q+6*q)/(6*epsilon_o)
  4. 7th Grade Social Studies

    kit-kat is right listen to them
  5. Math Help Please? (check my work?)

    Go with Grell's answers they are correct I took the test today and got a 100%.