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    On behalf of the Boyd Community and Recreation Association, a non-profit organization, I am requesting your support in making the Annual County-wide Veterans Day Appreciation a successful and memorable event. We will mainly focus on our men and women who
  2. Macroecon

    An increase in supply of a product results when __________. : taxes on the product are increased the companies that produce the product have higher materials costs technological innovations are introduced in the manufacturing process the government reduces
  3. Accounts

    A debit to a liability account was posted to the capital account. This error would cause __________. options: assets to be overstated liabilities to be overstated capital to be overstated None of the above answers are correct. C
  4. Accounts

    The business incurred an expense and paid it immediately. To record this __________. Question 39 options: an expense is debited and a liability is credited an expense is debited and an asset is credited an expense is debited and Capital is credited None of
  5. Accounts

    Which of the following errors would cause the trial balance to be out of balance? An entry is posted twice. An entry is not posted at all. A debit is entered as $200 and the credit is entered at $2,000. None of the above answers are correct. D
  6. Accounts

    The journal entry to record a withdrawal by the owner would most commonly include _________ options: a debit to Wage Expense and a credit to Cash a debit to Capital and a credit to Cash a debit to Withdrawals and a credit to Cash a debit to Cash and a
  7. Accounts

    A debit increases the balance in all of the following accounts, except __________. options: cash withdrawals expenses accounts payable An - cash
  8. Accounts

    Question 12 Unsaved A chart of accounts __________. is set up in alphabetical order includes account balances is a listing of all the accounts used by a company All of the above answers are correct. I say C
  9. Math

    Two trains travel in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A starts out 50 kilometers ahead of Train B. Train A travels 90 kilometers per hour and Train B travel 100 kilometers per hour. In how many hours will the trains be in the same place? Is the
  10. Accounts

    Which statement is prepared for only one date? Income Statement Statement of Cash Flows Balance Sheet Statement of Owner’s Equity D
  11. Accounts

    The net income or net loss is calculated on the __________. balance sheet statement of owner's equity income statement None of the above answers are correct. Answer- Income statement
  12. Accounts

    The financial statement that shows business results in terms of revenue and expenses is __________. an income statement a balance sheet a statement of owner's equity the statement of cash flows Answer A
  13. Accounts

    Katie's Vegetarian Restaurant, with total assets of $90,000, borrows $15,000 from the bank. Which of the following is a true statement upon borrowing the money? Total assets are now $105,000. Total assets are now $80,000. Total assets are now $15,000.
  14. Accounts

    Which of the following is a characteristic of a sole proprietorship? business owned by more than one person easy to form each stockholder acts as an owner of the company can continue indefinitely Answer - Easy to form
  15. Accounts

    A partnership is a business that is __________. Question 3 options: easy to form ends with the death of a partner owned by more than one person All of these answers are correct. Answer- D
  16. mcro

    Government taxes and transfers __________. increase the wealth of the poorest Americans and reduce the wealth of the richest Americans reduce the wealth of all Americans increase the wealth of all Americans reduce the wealth of the poorest Americans and
  17. English Grammar

    What is the comparative and superlative of: 1. Learned=? 2. Talkative=? 3. Few=?
  18. Micro- Econ

    You notice that the price of butter rises and then falls. The best explanation for this is that __________. demand for butter increased causing price to rise, which attracted other firms to enter the market causing supply to increase, which caused the
  19. micro-econ- Help!

    Which of the following would NOT be considered price discrimination? charging business travelers more money than leisure travelers for plane tickets charging houses in expensive neighborhoods more money for mowing the same size lawn than in a less
  20. micro econ

    Suppose that differences in skills explain part of the difference in wages by race. Wage differences arising from skill differences __________. may result from past discrimination in access to education are not attributable to present or past
  21. math

    the largest odd factor of 6^8 * 10^6 is A (6^8 * 10^6)/2 B 3^4 * 5^3 C 15^6 D 3^8 * 5^6
  22. micro econ

    The equimarginal rule __________. equates the marginal utility per dollar spent on each good purchased states that in order to maximize utility the consumer should buy more of those goods with a high marginal utility states that in order to maximize
  23. Mico- Econ-- Help

    The idea behind the pollution tax equal to the external cost per unit of pollution is to __________. increase the social benefit to be above the marginal cost internalize the externality allow the firm to evade external costs drive polluting firms out of
  24. micro econ

    Public goods are __________. rival in consumption and their benefits are excludable nonrival in consumption and their benefits are excludable nonrival in consumption and their benefits are nonexcludable rival in consumption and their benefits are
  25. micro econ

    Which of the following is an example of an external cost? Question 4 options: a loud, crying baby in a public restaurant emissions of methane into the atmosphere a homeowner who likes to mow the lawn at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning all of the above I say all
  26. Microecon

    Which of the following would be typically classified as a public good? Question 9 options: postal delivery national defense toll roads college education I say college ed
  27. Life orientation

    Risk behaviour
  28. Accounts

    Benson Company Trial balance June 30, 20xx. Particulars Debit Credit Cash $1,370 Accounts Payable $770 Office Equipment $900 Benson, Capital $1,500 Benson, Withdrawals $ 500 Accounts Receivable $1600 $1,600 Service Fees $2,730 Salaries Expense $630 $5,000
  29. Accounts

    The following transactions occurred during June for Campus Cycle Shop. Record the transactions below in the T accounts. Place the letter of the transaction next to the entry. Foot and calculate the ending balances of the T accounts where appropriate. a.
  30. Mico Econ

    Which of the following situations will arise in the domestic market following the imposition of an import ban? Question 13 options: imports increase, domestic production increases, prices increase imports increase, domestic production decreases, prices
  31. Mirco Econ

    suppose Belgium produces only two goods, chocolate and lace. If Belgium has a comparative advantage in lace, a move toward free trade will a. benefit chocolate workers, harm lace workers in the short run, but benefit the nation as a whole. b. harm
  32. Micro Econ

    Which of the following situations will arise in the domestic market following the imposition of a tariff? imports decrease, domestic production increases, prices increase imports increase, domestic production increases, prices increase imports increase,
  33. Micro Econ

    Voluntary export restraints __________. have the same effect as an import ban are illegal under the international trading rules violate the spirit of international trade agreements all of the above I say all of the above
  34. Mico- Econ

    A ban on imported avocados would result in __________. an increase in total surplus because domestic production will increase no change in total surplus because the reduction in consumer surplus will offset the increase in producer surplus a reduction in
  35. Mico- Econ-- Help

    Suppose that in a month the price of oranges increases from $.75 to $1. At the same time, the quantity of oranges demanded decreases from 100 to 80. The price elasticity of demand for oranges (calculated using the initial value formula) is __________. 0.75
  36. Mico- Econ-- Help

    A change in the quantity demanded of a product is the result of a change in __________. the price of the product the price of related goods consumer income the cost of producing the product I say the 3rd
  37. Micro- Econ

    You have an hour between your economics and math classes. What is the opportunity cost of that time if you use it to complete your math homework instead of your economics homework? the economics homework you could have completed the math homework you chose
  38. Micro- Econ

    Because resources are limited, __________. only the very wealthy can get everything they want firms will be forced out of business the availability of goods will be limited but the availability of services will not people must make choices I say it is the
  39. Micro- Econ

    Which of the following is a question answered with normative economic reasoning? A.If the college offers free textbooks for students, will more students read their textbooks? B.If the college provided less financial aid for out-of-state students, would
  40. Math

    The distance between two cities on a nap is 7 cm actual distance is 350 km what scale used on map
  41. psychology

    Jose is a Latino client who presents with occupational difficulties. He was laid off from a construction job 8 months ago and has been unable to find work. Ever since he lost his job, he has been drinking alcohol heavily throughout the day. He also reports
  42. math

    Triangle XYZ is reflected across the line x = 3. What is the reflection image of Y?
  43. movement and music

    Music is important because it enhances which elements of literacy?
  44. English

    Im trying to make sure I am using correct grammar and to make it sound on a 5th grade level.See if you can come up with a better heading for this information. Other Information About Mrs. walker. We all have been taught that the hot comb (straighten or

    I'm trying to make sure that my grammar is correct. I need to send this to a customer. Sorry for the misunderstanding about your account. After reviewing your account with the billing processor the last payment that you sent was not the last bill that you
  46. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    For the position function r(t)= (2+t^2,3t), determine the approximate angle between the acceleration and velocity vectors at (3,3). a)45.7 b)56.3 c)71.7 d)44.9 e)58.2
  47. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    3. What are the velocity and acceleration function vectors for a particle traveling in the xy-plane with position vector r(t)=(2+t^2, 3t)? a)v(t)=(2t^2, 3t) ; a(t)=(2t, 3) b)v(t)=(2t, 3) ; a(t)=(2, 0) c)v(t)=(2t, 3t) ; a(t)=(2, 3t) d)v(t)=(2+2t, 3) ;
  48. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    1. What are the magnitude and direction angle for the vector u= 2. Calculate the speed of a particle in the xy-plane with positive vector r(t)=(4-t^2, 6t) at the point (0,12).
  49. 4 Calculus Related-Rates Problems

    1. How fast does the radius of a spherical soap bubble change when you blow air into it at the rate of 15 cubic centimeters per second? Our known rate is dV/dt, the change in volume with respect to time, which is 15 cubic centimeters per second. The rate
  50. math

    how many liters of a 60% antifreeze solution should be added to 9 liters of a 30% solution to get a 50% antifreeze solution
  51. Agerbra 1

    What is the value of x in the solution to system of linear equation. A.-1 B.8 C.7.5 -4x+3y=-3 5x-3y=40.5
  52. Algebra 1

    write an equation of the line that passes through (1,5) and is parallel to the line y=-4x+2 I need help! I got y=-4x+1 but when I corrected my H.W. It said it was y=-4x+9. Can some on check what I did wrong
  53. Math

    In order to cover upfront expenses, Pinecrest Enterprises must be able to come up with $50 million of its own capital reserves. Presently, Pinecrest has $37 million in capital reserves available, and can add $1.5 million per month . After how many months
  54. Math

    To obtain a rough estimate of the development cost, Abigail, the accountant working for Pinecrest Enterprises, assumes that the total cost C (in millions of dollars) is given by the formula C= 20y + 15, where y is the cost per subdivision. If x represents
  55. Math

    Joe is the owner and CEO of Pinecrest Enterprises, a real estate development company in Boise, Idaho. The company has taken on a new development project outside of town, and Joe wants to drive out to survey the proposed development site. The site is 30
  56. Math

    1. In order to collect data on the signal strengths in a neighborhood, Briana must drive from house to house and take readings. She has a graduate student, Henry, to assist her in the task. Briana figures it would take her 12 hours to complete the task if
  57. Math

    (1) The curved surface area A of a cone of height and base radius is pie R squareroot H square+T square. (a) Make H the subject of the formula. (b) Find the height of a cone of area 550cm Square and base radius 7cm, taking pie to be 22/7. (2) if nSquare _
  58. Math

    Where is my question.
  59. math

    A spice store charged 2.75 for 25 grams of paprika. It also charges 5% of the purchase price for shipping any order. Write and simplify an expression to determine the cost of buying and shipping x ounces of paprika. Use 1 once = 28 grams Can a customer buy
  60. Math

    Please some one should assist me or else I will get flogged.
  61. Agriculture

    1; What is advertising 2; 5 media mean s of advertising 3; roles of science and technology in advertising 4; 5 benefits of advertising.
  62. Math

    A woman makes n baskets and sells them all at the same price (A) If she sells all but 3 of the baskets . she will get 5,700. Express the selling price of a basket in terms of n. (B) If she makes 3 more baskets and sells them all, she will get 7,500. Write
  63. Math

    A mother is 20 years older than her daughter.if the daughter is y years old. (A) How old is the mother? (B) in terms of y how old was the daughter 4 years ago . (C) In terms of y, how old was the mother 4 years .(I) 4 years ago if the ratio of ages was7:3
  64. Math help

    Determine the value(s), if any, of k for which the function f(x) = x^3 + 6x^2 + kx -4 gives the same remainder when divided by x − 1 and x + 2.
  65. math

    Describe in detail what the discontinuities that could be if a rational function has a linear function for a numerator and an absolute value function for a denominator. I don't get this because wouldn't there be an infinite number of discontinuities
  66. math

    Suppose f(x) is a function which is even but then transformed to an odd function g(x) = af(kx − d) + c. What can you conclude about a, k, d, and c. Justify your conclusion both algebraically and graphically. I honestly have no idea how to answer this
  67. Math

    .021, .845, 99/1000 write the numbers in order from least to greatest
  68. Math algebra

    The length of a piece of fabric is 8y yards.Landon cuts 7 yards from it to make some cushion covers.He then uses 4 equal pieces.How long is each piece?
  69. science

    name the metals and non metals present our body
  70. Economics -- HELP!!!

    If the government sets a minimum price above the equilibrium price for soybeans, which of the following statements will be correct? A. There will be an efficient level of output produced. B. There will be excess supply. C. There will be excess demand. D.
  71. Economics -- HELP!!!

    posted by Angela on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 12:33am. In the market equilibrium, with a price of $500 there are 2000 apartments. If the government decides to enact a rent control policy, with a maximum price of $400, it reduces the quantity to 1500
  72. Economics -- HELP!!!

    Suppose you receive a consumer surplus of $50. The $50 represents __________ . A. a monetary payment from the store B. a monetary payment from the government C. a reduction in the original price of the good D. the fact that you paid $50 less than you were
  73. Economics -- HELP!!!

    Recall the application about price controls and the candy bars. During World War II, the U.S. government imposed price controls to set maximum prices on all different products, including candy bars. How did the candy bar producers respond to maximum
  74. LA

    What are some Themes in Chapter 15-17 The Giver?
  75. physics

    Determine the frequency and period for a pendulum of length 250cm, mass of 500g, and amplitude of 25cm I don't understand how to do this, help would be appreciated! Thank you
  76. Physical Science

    A 10 N object rests on a 10° incline. What is the normal force? What is the parallel force? A 10 kg object rests on a 10° incline. What are the normal and the parallel forces?
  77. Chemistry

    A 25-mL sample of 0.160M solution of NaOH is titrated with 17 mL of an unknown solution of H2SO4 What is the morality of the sulfuric acid solution.
  78. Algebra

    can you please help me with this problem: 30y2^ + 60y + 300 = 5y2^ + 120y -24 25y - 60y + 324 = 0 used the quadratic equation (used the square root) x = -60 (60)2^ - 4(25)(324) / 50 x = -60 (3600 + 32,400)/50 x = -60 +or minus(-28,800) / 50 x = -60 +
  79. IB Calculus

    A particle moves along the x-axis so that at any time t≥0, its velocity is given by v(t)=t^2-16t+4 What is the velocity of the particle when its acceleration is zero?
  80. Physics 202

    An inquiring student that has a mass of 65.0 kg is watching a crane with a wrecking ball demolish a building next door. The wrecking ball is swinging parallel to the property fence between her house and the neighbor’s. In an effort to estimate the length
  81. Help -Social Impact of Technology

    Respecting energy, in Leslie White’s formula, E=P*T, “T” stands for: A. the measure of energy efficiency. B. the sum of energy produced. C. energy production per capita. D. a measure of energy dissipation per capita. An:D
  82. Help -Social Impact of Technology

    According to a report on 18 scientific associations, __________ that we are in an age of human-caused climate change. A. all of the 18 affirm B. about half of the 18 agree C. only two of the 18 disagree D. about two thirds of the 18 affirm An: A
  83. Geometry

    Find the distance CD rounded to the nearest tenth C =(10,-1) and D =(-6,3) CD = ?
  84. calculus

    Is this the correct answers for these questions Verify the means value theorem holds on the interval shown. Then, find the value c such that f'(c)=(f(b)-f(a))/(b-a) b.f(x)=x^3=x-4 on [-2,3] c= square root 7/3 c. f(x)= x^3 on [-1,2] c= square root 1 d.
  85. calculus

    Verify the means value theorem holds on the interval shown. Then, find the value c such that f'(c)=(f(b)-f(a))/(b-a) a. f(x)= x-1/x on [1,3] b.f(x)=x^3=x-4 on [-2,3] c. f(x)= x^3 on [-1,2] d. f(x)= Sqr. root of x on [0,4]
  86. Physics

    A 100 grams mass of a substance has a volume of 150 centmetre cube.Calculate the relative density of the substanc. [density of water pw=1.0gcm^-3]
  87. History - Help

    Regarding peripheral countries or regions, all of the following are true EXCEPT: A. they are all dependent on core countries for capital. B. the term peripheral is not necessarily synonymous with poverty. C. most of the impoverished countries are in
  88. History - Help

    In the French colonies of West Africa, an effort was made to establish a Francophile community, wherein people of the different colonies embraced French culture. This effort was: A. a total failure. B. in fact, mainly successful in French Indochina. C.
  89. History - Help

    The concept of national sovereignty was established by: A. the European invasion of the Holy Lands. B. the Treaty of Westphalia. C. the Protestant Reformation. D. The Peace of Augsburg. An: B
  90. History - Help

    The French wars of religion amounted to a civil war that ended in: A. the conclusive victory of the Roman Catholic Church. B. a protracted and inconclusive stalemate. C. the conclusive victory of the Protestant Huguenots. D. the expulsion from France of
  91. Help -Social Impact of Technology

    Marge maintains that there is no direct correlation between population density and poverty. Mason argues that population density is normally associated with poverty and political instability. Who is correct? A. Marge and Mason are both incorrect. B. Marge
  92. Social Impact of Technology

    Marge maintains that there is no direct correlation between population density and poverty. Mason argues that population density is normally associated with poverty and political instability. Who is correct? A. Marge and Mason are both incorrect. B. Marge
  93. Social Impact of Technology

    According to your reading, factors bearing on population dynamics that may be at the root of social problems include all of the following EXCEPT: A. economic. B. spiritual. C. cultural. D. political
  94. Social Impact of Technology

    VEhrlich’s dire projections differed from those of Malthus in that he applied the principle of geometric progression to: A. vital resources such as oil, copper, and top soils. B. significant climate change variables. C. increasing species die-off. D. the
  95. Social Impact of Technology

    On the pH scale ranging from 1 to 14, 7 is neutral. Any number greater than 7 is alkaline; any number lower than 7 is acidic. With that in mind, in turns out that the oceans are serving as a carbon sink. About __________ percent of current carbon dioxide
  96. Social Impact of Technology

    Which of these planets is in the so-called “Goldilocks Zone”? A. Earth B. Mars C. Jupiter D. Venus Ans: Earth
  97. Social Impact of Technology

    Ecologists who study the way many species interact with each other in a specified area are focused on: A. habitats. B. communities. C. niches. D. biomes Ans : B
  98. Social studies

    how did the conditions in continental army could have affected the outcome of the war
  99. Social Impact of Technology

    In general, heat amounts to the vibration of __________ such that increasing vibrations register as increasing heat. A. elements B. particles C. molecules D. compounds An-- C
  100. Social Impact of Technology

    In general, the efficiency of an internal combustion engine is 30 percent. The remaining 70 percent is mainly dissipated as: A. heat energy. B. mechanical energy. C. chemical energy. D. kinetic energy. An-B


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