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  1. social studies

    Which of the following Native American cultures built connected stone homes? 1. A. the Mississippians B. the Ancestral Puebloans--------- C. the Cherokees D. the Hoyanehs 2. Drag and drop the descriptions to the correct box. Each word may be used more than
  2. Biology (Answer ASAP Please)

    ok i need help with this like ASAP. Please math the following terms to their corresponding cell structure Cytoplasm [ K ] Flagella [ H ] Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum [ ] Cilia [ ] Mitochondria [ ] Golgie Apparatus [ ] Chromosones/Genes [ N ] Rough
  3. math

    i need help with functions unit lession 13 just help
  4. Algebra

    A lawyer drives from her​ home, located 8 miles east and 17 miles north of the town​ courthouse, to her​ office, located 2 miles west and 7 miles south of the courthouse. Find the distance between the​ lawyer's home and her
  5. MATHS

    HI linear equation help please... I have plotted known numbers into an excel spreadsheet and it shows the formula as: I am struggling to find the answer to x..?? could you go through it step by step trying to find ppm of a concentration of


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  1. Chemistry 151

    I don't know
  2. Pre Algebra

    hey its 4/26/18 what r the answers all of dem
  3. math

    those in connections academy 8th grade i need help with math function unit test lession 13 I just need help
  4. 8th grade algebra 1 b

    but there is in total 19 questions
  5. geometry

    thank you lmao