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  1. Applied Math

    can you explain the concept of multiplying this to me please $42.25 X .67. Thank you in advance for the help
  2. physics

    What is the force constant of a spring which is stretched 2mm by a force of 4N
  3. Biology

    If a curly haired father and straight haired mother 8 children are born .the ratio of curly and straight haired will be ......
  4. algebra

    alberto drove to the lake and back. the trip there took two hours and the trip back took three hours. he averaged 20 km/h faster on the trip there than on the return trip. What was alberto's average speed on the outbound trip?
  5. elementary alagbra

    A pharmacist found at the end of the day she had seven fourths 7/4 as many prescriptions for antibiotics as tranquilizers. She had 44 prescriptions altogether. How many did she have for​ tranquilizers?
  6. english

    An effective speech delivery has all of the following qualities EXCEPT: A. speaker delivers message with impact. B. it is a result of the speaker’s natural talent and gift. C. influences audience to act or think favorably toward message. D. meets
  7. Science

    A fossil for an extinct organism is found in layer B. A fossil for another extinct organism, very similar to the first, is found in layer C. What might be the relationship between these two organisms. Im so confused, can someone help.
  8. MATH

    Using the proportion rule to solve this problem-is this correct? Enrollment in the Ski/Snowboard Club increased by 30% this year. There are now 182 students in the club. How many students were there last year? 182x100=18200/30=607 607-182=425 answer 425
  9. MATH

    Am I correct? A suit that normally sells for $300 is on sale for $225. By what percent has the price of the suit been lowered? 300-225=75, 75 x 100=7500, 7500/300=25 Answer 25%
  10. MATH

    Reiny 22 ¡Ü 6x -2 ¡Ü 4x + 16 22+2¡Ü6x-2+2¡Ü4x +16+2 24¡Ü6x-4x¡Ü18 24/2 ¡Ü 2x/2 ¡Ü 18/2 12 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 9 I tried using 2 steps - how did I do?
  11. MATH

    Reiny - the problem with the different inequality signs was typed from the textbook. I will notify instructor Thanks Another problem 3
  12. MATH

    Reiny, the problem with the answer x>-2, why divide by 1? Is it because you can't divide with variable? Reworked problem -7x>-2(x+15)-2(x+15) -7x + 2x > 30 -5x/-5 > 30/-5 x > -6 other side -2(x+15)
  13. MATH

    is this correct? -4(x) + 3 < -3(x) + 5 -x + 3 - 3 < 5-3 -x/-x < 2/-x x>-2
  14. MATH

    Trying to solve problem -7x> - 2(x - 30 - 2x - 30 -30-30 -30/-5 x>6
  15. english

    Please checked my grammar about how I described those quote. THank U in advanced. here is how I describe those quote: * Don't be frightened to be the be best you can. By doing that that, you can helps others to do the same. Our deepest fear is not that we
  16. MATH

    Reiny (Previous problem) better form would be to place the equal sign in front of each new line You also have errors -3(x + 3)- 2(x + 4) = -3x - 9 - 2x - 8 = -3x - 2x - 9 - 8 = -5x - 17 So -3 x 3 made -9. how did the 2 become negative, I thought it was a
  17. MATH

    -3(x + 3)- 2(x + 4)= -3x + 9 - 2x + 8= -3x - 2x + 9 + 8= answer x + 17 is this correct
  18. Geometry

    The volume of a sphere is 3,000ð m3. What is the surface area of the sphere to the nearest square meter?
  19. chemistry

    In the reaction ZnO+2HCl=ZnCl2+H2O what is oxidized and what is reduced?
  20. Algebra

    A gardener combines x fluid ounces of a 20% liquid fertilizer and 80% water mix with y fluid ounces of a 5% liquid fertilizer and 95% water mix to make 30 fluid ounces of a 10% liquid fertilizer and 90% water mix. a. Write a system of linear equations that
  21. Algebra

    A baseball player's batting average is the number of hits the player has divided by the number of at-bats. At the beginning of a game, a player has a batting average of .360. During the game, the player gets 3 hits during 5 at-bats, and his batting average
  22. Physics

    A person who is properly constrained by an over-the-shoulder seat belt has a good chance of surviving a car collision if the deceleration does not exceed about 30 "'s". Assuming uniform deceleration of this value, calculate the distance over which the
  23. Physics

    A stone is dropped from the roof of a high building. A second stone is dropped 1.51 later. How far apart are the stones when the second one has reached a speed of 12.6 ?
  24. Math Help Please!

    My investment in Edgewater stocks is losing half its value every 2 years. Find and interpret the associated decay rate. If I use the formula y=100(1/2)^x (
  25. Math

    How should I approach this, what formula do I use to solve and how do I solve it? How long, to the nearest year, will it take me to become a millionaire if I invest $3000 at 9% interest compounded continuously? Thanks
  26. Math

    Assume it costs Microsoft $4,300 to manufacture 7 Xbox 360s and $8,290 to manufacture 14. Obtain the corresponding linear cost function. C(x)= (what formula do I use to get the cost function, because I can't get it) What was the cost to manufacture each
  27. Math

    Find a linear equation whose graph is the straight line with the given property. Through (5, 9) with slope 2 I can't find the correct answer. I don't know where I did wrong Thanks.
  28. Math

    Worldwide quarterly sales of a brand of cell phones was approximately q = −p + 176 million phones when the wholesale price was $p. (a) If the cellphone company was prepared to supply q = 9p − 344 million phones per quarter at a wholesale price of $p,
  29. english 9

    in the poem "the journey" by mary oliver,what is the "you" do in this poem?
  30. Pre-Calculus

    How do you solve this quadratic function? f(x) = −x2 + 10x
  31. physics

    A car starting from rest and moving with variable acceleration possess average velocities 5m/sec, 10m/sec, 15m/sec in the first seconf and third seconds. What is the total distance covered by the car in these three seconds?
  32. english

    I need a thesis statement of 450 words for why renting a house is a better option than buying a homr
  33. help

    how do legalism and daoism differ/
  34. health

    what do you teach for 5th grade Health class?
  35. Calculus

    I need to find the second derivative of y=x(x-1)^1/2. I found the first derivative is 2x-1/2(x-1)^1/2, if someone could check, but I am miserably stuck on the second derivative.
  36. chemistry

    We performed an experiment on UV-Vis Spectrometry, by testing the absorbance of KMnO4 and KCr2O7 solutions at different concentrations. We prepared the dichromate solutions with dilute sulfuric acid. Why didn't we use water, what is the purpose of sulfuric
  37. Analytical Chemistry

    Hi. We performed an experiment on UV-Vis Spectrometry, by testing the absorbance of KMnO4 and KCr2O7 solutions at different concentrations. We prepared the dichromate solutions with dilute sulfuric acid. Why didn't we use water, what is the purpose of
  38. vocabulary

    select the best synonym of the word satiate. a)empty b)fill c)deny d)deprive............please help.
  39. vocabulary

    the latin base CORD- means: a)hand b)eye c)heart d)head thank you so much for helping.
  40. vocabulary

    which word is not an example of blending? a)housewife b)brunch c)telethon d)electrocute
  41. calculus

    Write an equation of the line tangent to y=(9-x^2)^2/3 at x=1
  42. geometry

    In rectangle ABCD line EF joins the midpoint of line AB and BC. Line BE equals 5, line BF equals 12, find line EF, line AC and perimeter of the rectangle.
  43. Physics

    Two trucks, 300 km apart, are on a head-on collision course with one another. The first truck is moving at 100 m/s and the other is moving at 50 m/s in the opposite direction. A confused (but swift) fly starts from the front bumper of the faster truck and
  44. Math - function problems

    1) A box with a square base has a total surface area of 12m^2. Express the volume of the box as a function of the base edge. 2) A 10 foot tall lamppost causes a child 4 feet tall to cast a shadow of x feet on the ground. If the distance along the ground
  45. science

  46. Finance

    If sales grew 20% from 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 and the discresinary financing needs is 500,000. What percent of sales grown would be needed to equal a DFN of zero.
  47. math 116

    find an equivalent equation with the given denominator 7/b= ?/b squared the expression that is equivalent to 7/b is ? if b is squared wouldn't the 7 also have to be squared to be equivalent? 7/b = 49/b squared? Am I correct? Thanks
  48. algebra

    find an equivalent equation with the given denominator 7/b= ?/bsquared the expression that is equivilent to 7/b is ? if b is squared wouldn't the 7 also have to be squared to be equivilant? 7/b = 49/b squared? Am I correct? Thanks
  49. algebra

    add the following - 4/7 + [ -7/20] 7*20= 140 so -60/140 + - 49/140= 11/140?
  50. algebra

    3/0 =? the answer is 0 but my options are to solve the equation if possible or say the answer is undefined. Is 0 undefined? I have no clue what an undefined answer is
  51. algebra

    5x -3 = 11 + 12x combine like figures add 3 to both sides to remove the 3 5x= 14+ 12x Now I get confused. If I remove the 12x I have to subtract 12x from 5x which gives me an answer of -7x=14 would the correct answer thus be x= -2? thanks
  52. math

    30/5x3-2 --------- 2-2/3 on the top part-do I divide 30 by 13, or divide 30 by 5 then multiply by 3 and subtract 2?
  53. science

    wearing down rock by the grounding of other rocks or sand is called?
  54. science

    wearing down rock by the grounding of other rocks or sand is called
  55. drwls-year8 geography

    thanks for finding that link its helped me with my homework
  56. Year 8 geography

    i need to label a picture of a river. the mouth and other parts. does anyone know any good websites that can help me a labelled diagram would be helpful thanks for your help!
  57. home economics

    Please help me... what are the different kinds of stitch? and can u pls show me the sample picture for eah stitch?
  58. alg

    if n+5-n+3 over n-3-n-5=16 what is the value of n this is an SAT question and i just cant seem to figure it out..even with pluggin in the numbers it never = help pls..what is the quickest way in solving this for the SAt's
  59. chem

    okay so i have the answers but i just wanted to see if i was correct Balance these equations..i need the correct answers 1.H2+CL2->HCL 2.Ag+2n->Zn2+Ag 3.Mn4+Cu+->Mn2+ +Cu2+
  60. SAT

    im taking the Sat's tomorow..what are some great tips??
  61. alg 2

    find the foci of the ellipse (x+5)^2/4+(y-1)^2/16=1
  62. alg 2

    what is the foci of the ellipse (x+5)^2/4+(y-1)^2/16=1
  63. alg. 2

    what is the foci of the ellipse X2 over 81 + Y2 over 49=1
  64. chem

    a gas volume has of v1=450ml. if the temp is held constant, what volume would gas occupy if the pressure p2=2p1? omg i cant figure anything out!!!!!!!!
  65. chem

    use boyles law to solve for the missing value in the following P1=0.75atm,V2=435ml,P2=0.48atm, V1=?
  66. simple chem

    a balloon with a volume of 1.375 L is released from earths surface at sea level. what will the balloon occuy at an altitude of 20.0km, where the pressure is 10 kpa? pleasee help!! show work please
  67. simple chem

    what are the highly reactive elements the ones that react with electricity, noble gasses and the less reactive elements
  68. spanish translation

    please don't use any web translaters..most don't say th right things how would you say: my name is amethyst. i was born in ghana and came to america when i was 2 years old. i am short with dark skin and dark hair. I used to live in fontana but now i live
  69. chem

    convert a pressure 1.75atm to kpa convert the pressure of 1.75atm to mm Hg convert a pressure of 570 torr to atmospheres
  70. spanish

    how would you say I love all types of food, like chinese, hamburgers, italian and african.
  71. chem

    how do you convert grams to moles
  72. simple chem

    how to convert tempetarues.. i forgot . do yo add 273C to get to kelvins or do you subtract...vise versa..??
  73. chem

    how do you solve for the combined gas law?..i ..I am very confused ..someone help by making it easier and clear since i am kinda slow.. ex.a sample of neon gas has a volume of 752ml at 25.0C. what will the volume at 50.0C be if pressure is constant
  74. Physics

    A cup of coffee with a mass of 300g is brewed using 9.5 x 10^4 J of energy. What is the mass gain of the cup of coffee from this heating?
  75. Precalc HW (NO IDEA HOW TO SOLVE)

    Low Earth orbiting satellites orbit between 200 and 500 miles above Earth. In order to keep the satellites at a constant distance from Earth, they must maintain a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. Assume Earth's radius is 3960 miles. a. Find the angular
  76. Mathematics

    Low Earth orbiting satellites orbit between 200 and 500 miles above Earth. In order to keep the satellites at a constant distance from Earth, they must maintain a speed of 17,000 miles per hour. Assume Earth's radius is 3960 miles. a. Find the angular
  77. chem

    For a double replacement reaction to occur, is it that one of the products must be insoluble and form a solid? There has to be some mechanism to remove the products from the reaction so that the reaction does not proceed in the reverse direction. Product
  78. chem

    In the equation: 2Al+6HCl-->2AlCl3+3H2 Why is the hydrogen by itself instead of the chlorine? Al is above hydrogen in the activity series (sometimes called the electromotive force series); therefore, it replaces H. This is single replacement type reaction.
  79. physical science

    A 200.0 kg astronaut and equipment move with a velocity of 2.00 m/s toward an orbiting spacecraft. How long will the astronaut need to fire a 100.0 N rocket backpack to stop the motion relative to the spacecraft? 100*timefiring= mass*changevelocity