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  1. Physics

    1. In outer space, where there is no gravity or air, an astronaut pushes with an equal force of 20 N on a 3 N moon rock and on a 9 N moon rock. Which statement is the most accurate about this situation? A. Since both rocks are weightless, they will have
  2. Physics

    1. A worker pushes horizontally on a 2000 N refrigerator on a kitchen floor with a force of 25 N. Which statement is the most accurate about the situation? A. If the refrigerator moves forward, this person feels it pushing back with less than 25 N. B. The
  3. Physics

    1. Order the fundamental force from the strongest to the weakest. A. gravity, electromagnetic, strong B. electromagnetic, strong, gravity C. strong, electromagnetic, gravity D. strong, gravity, electromagnetic 2. Electricity results from which fundamental
  4. Physics

    If a rock weighs 783 N on earth, what is its mass? A. 87.0 B. 79.9 C. 78.6 D.77.5 Is it B?
  5. Physics

    If a person weighs 818 N on earth and 5320 N on the surface of a nearby planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet? A. 55.4 m/s^2 B. 46.5 m/s^2 C. 63.7 m/s^2 D. 73.3 m/s^2 Help!!
  6. Physics

    1. If a cat's mass is 1.20 kg, what is its weight in earth? A. 11.9 N B. 12.1 N C. 12.2 N D. 11.8 N Is it D? 2. If a car weighs 6310 N on earth, what is its mass? A. 625 kg B. 663 kg C. 682 kg D. 644 kg Help!!
  7. Physics

    1. If a car's mass is 439 kg, what is the weight on earth? A. 4390 N B. 4350 N C. 4300 N D. 4360 N 2. If a person weighs 717 N on earth and 5320 N on the surface of a nearby planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet? A. 83.6 m/s^2 B.
  8. intermediate algebra

    Write the following as an inequality. −5 is less than w, and 9 is greater than or equal to w
  9. Physics

    The projectile’s mass is not needed.  The projectile must be launched on the horizontal plane.  The earth drops 8 inches for every mile traveled.  The acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 meters per second squared.  Ignore air resistance. You
  10. Physics

    A cyclist is stopped at a traffic light. When the light turns green, the cyclist accelerates at 3.2 m/s. After 2.4 seconds, what is the cyclist’s speed?
  11. Chemistry

    Can someone help me with this? I was using deltarG = deltarH - T deltarS. I found delta H= 62438 j/mol and delta S =. 144.555 j/ mol k Calculate ΔrG for the sublimation of iodine gas at 298 K when the iodine vapor is at a pressure of 0.0500 bar
  12. Chemistry

    Could someone please help me start this problem? The following reaction occurs 1.000 atmosphere & 298.0 K. CH3OH (l) + 3/2 O2 (g) → CO2 (g)+ 2H2O (l) 50.00 g of CH3OH, and excess oxygen. Calculate ΔU using ΔU = ΔH - PΔV
  13. World history

    Use the image below to answer the following question: An image of a man with his hands and feet nailed to a large cross. © Godong\UIG\Image Quest 2016 Which key figure in Christianity does this image represent? Peter Paul Jesus God
  14. Science

    What did Alexander’s general want him to do
  15. Chemistry

    Which two orbitals overlap to form the sigma bond between C and H in C2HF?
  16. Chemistry

    Which of the following represents lattice energy? None of the reactions Na+(s) + I-(s) = NaI (s) Mg2+(g) + 2F-(g) = MgF2(s) LiBr(s) = Li+(s) + Br-(s) NaCl(s) = Na+ (g) + Cl-(g)
  17. Physics

    An adventurous aardvark arduously ambles from (3.0, 2.0) m to (−4.0, −2.0) m. What is the displacement in polar coordinates?
  18. Chemistry

    When using the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and you are seeking to find delta x, and are given both the velocity and delta v, does the velocity even matter? The equation only states that h/ (4 times pi times mass times delta v) = delta x.
  19. history

    Explain how the tension between globalization and national sovereignty has manifested itself historically and how it is evident in the development of international law
  20. Math

    I have a report due and I have to find the dimensions of three different-sized juice cartons and Calculate the surface area of each carton. Evaluate the packaging for which conserves resources the best. Help? I have no juice cartons or anything around?
  21. Math

    Given points (0, 0) and (3, 6), find the point which partitions the segment into 3:2 Please explain?
  22. Math

    Find the perimeter of the polygon with vertices of A(0, 0), B(4, 0) and C(2, 3). Round to the nearest tenth. Just enter one number as your answer. Help!
  23. english

    For my english project I am asked to do the following, "write a research project that is 850 words long in MLA format. My teacher asks the following, in part 2, summarize the findings of your articles and provide commentary and analysis of the information
  24. calc

    1.A norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of an ordinary rectangular window find the dimensions of a Norman window of maximum area when the total permeter is 16ft. 2. A rectangle is bounded by the x axis and the semicircle
  25. Calc

    A rectangular page is to contain 30 sqaure inches of print. The margins on each side are 1 inch. Find the dimensions of the page sucha that the least amount of paper is used. A farmer plans to fence a rectangular pasture adjacent to a river. The pasture
  26. CALC

    can someon help me find the horzontial and verticle asymptotes for x square root 4-x^2. For HA someone told me none but I dont understand how and is the VA -2 and 2. Please help and show all work Thank you
  27. Calc

    can someone help me get the first and second derviative for X square root 4-X^2. For the first derviative I did this by using the equation F(x)g'(x)+g(x)f'(x). After using this my final answer is looking something like -X^2/(4-x^2)^1/2+ (4-x^2)^1/2 I am
  28. Physics

    Four 6.5-kg spheres are located at the corners of a square of side 0.70 m . Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted on one sphere by the other three. Calculate the direction of the gravitational force exerted on one sphere by the other
  29. language arts

    1. Part A What paragraphs provide dialogue that introduces the play's main conflict. a. paragraphs 3-4 b. paragraphs 6-7 c. paragraphs 12-13 d. paragraphs 18-19
  30. VSU

    Am influenza epidemic hits. large city and spreads at the rate of 12e^0.2t new cases per day, where t is the number of days since the epidemic began. The epidemic began 4 cases. find the number of cases during the first 30 days.
  31. Math

  32. Microbes and Society

    In Chapter 9 of the Bible, in the book of Exodus, the sixth plague of Egypt is described in this way: “Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Take double handful soot from a furnace, and in the presence of Pharaoh, let Moses scatter it toward the sky.
  33. Chemistry

    Could you show me where to start on solving this equation? The reaction in question will be carried out in a calorimeter. The volume of the chamber inside is 2.00 L. Experiment starts by evacuating the chamber to 0.00 kPa. Then oxygen gas is filled into
  34. Chemistry

    Could you show me where to start on solving this equation? The reaction in question will be carried out in a calorimeter. The volume of the chamber inside is 2.00 L. Experiment starts by evacuating the chamber to 0.00 kPa. Then oxygen gas is filled into
  35. Chemistry

    Could you show me where to start on solving this equation? The reaction in question will be carried out in a calorimeter. The volume of the chamber inside is 2.00 L. Experiment starts by evacuating the chamber to 0.00 kPa. Then oxygen gas is filled into
  36. Chemistry Homework

    Hello! Could someone help me with this? I'm confused on what to do. Thanks!! The mole fraction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in water is 0.25. Determine the molarity of CO2. The density of the solution is 1.0 g/mL.
  37. Alegbra

    A study recently confirmed that of every 100 citizens of a certain state 40 are considered overweight . There were 288 million citizens of this state in 2001 . how many would be considered overweight
  38. algebra

    8 x + 4 = 68
  39. algebra

    6 x, when x = 7 Evaluate
  40. Bus. Math

    Misu Sheet, owner of the Bedspread Shop, knows his customers will pay no more than $140 for a comforter. Misu wants a 25% markup on cost instead of on selling price. What is Misu’s cost? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  41. psychology

    I need a topic that is minimum risk and ethical that the goal is to examine the effects of the independent variable on the dependent variable
  42. psychology

    I'm needing a research topic for proposal that has minimum risk to participates and can be experimented. please help
  43. research proposal plan

    I need help bad I need a topic that uses to groups and has a minimum risk which can be experimented
  44. history

    During the rapid urbanization of the late-19th century, _______________________ maximized the use of urban space by housing large numbers of people in cramped, and often unsafe, conditions.   tenements      projects row houses skyscrapers
  45. math

    Write a related addition sentence 26-24=2
  46. MATH

    Vail Ski Shop received a $1,201 invoice dated July 8 with 2/10, 1/15, n/60 terms. On July 22, Vail sent a $485 partial payment. (If more than one discount, assume date of last discount) a. What credit should Vail receive? Credit $ b. What is Vail’s
  47. History

    which of the following were instrumental in General grants plan to end the civil 2 that apply A. using generals who would obey without question***** B.engaging financial help from european allies C. destorying anything in the south that would

    I just took an Ed Tech assessment and so could someone check my answers before I turn it in? Thanks!! 1.) What did the STRICT study generally find about the effect of Internet use on sleep? A. Teens who use the Internet and phone after bedtime have a
  49. english

    a good debatable thesis for A good citizen A good citizen is honest and works hard so they could provide for the family
  50. Math - Sequences

    Could someone help me with this question?? What are the first four terms of an arithmetic sequence if the common difference is 1.5 and the first term is 15? A. 15, 30, 45, 60 B. 15, 16.5, 18, 19.5 C. 15, 22.5, 33.75, 50.625 D. None of the above
  51. english

    I need a good debatable thesis please help
  52. english

    When a paragraph tells a story, which method of organization is being used? A. specific-to-general order B. spatial order C. importance order D. chronological order my answer is B
  53. Algebra

    −20 times a number minus 36 is equal to -45 less than a number unknown is x write equation.
  54. Algebra

    61 times a number minus 83 is equal to -59 less than a number write equation
  55. Algebra

    If 4.7 plus 3.2 times a number equals the sum of the number and 52.7 what is the number write out the equation and solve.
  56. Algebra

    The sum of two consecutive even integers is −126
  57. microbes and society

    Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps in the scientific method? Answers: a. observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation - hypothesis b. hypothesis - observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation c. observation - hypothesis -
  58. Biology

    Why would the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) want to use gel electrophoresis? A. Determine if someone has a genetic disease B. Determine the paternity of a child C. Determine the proper genetic sequence to make insulin D. Determine the identity of a
  59. Biology

    DNA is a nucleic acid made up of monomers called A. nucleotides B. polypeptides A?
  60. Microbes and Society

    The Forer Test of Personality that you took while reading this week's lecture notes appeared, at first glance, to offer insightful results. Later, you discovered that it actually displayed poor Answers: a. Divergent Validity b. Convergent Validity c.
  61. Microbes and Society

    Why do boiling inactivates a toxin  (protein) produced by  Clostridium botulinum
  62. Microbes and Society

    There are four organic molecules essential for  weel-being of bacteria- carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. Which one you would eliminate in order to destroy bacterium?
  63. Microbes and Society

    Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps in the scientific method? a. observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation - hypothesis b. hypothesis - observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation c. observation - hypothesis -
  64. Microbes and Society

    Which of the following is the correct sequence of steps in the scientific method? a. observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation - hypothesis b. hypothesis - observation - prediction - hypothesis - observation wrong c. observation - hypothesis -
  65. Microbes and Society

    Which of the following is not a good example of a scientific hypothesis (i.e., the hypothesis you would set up to test against the null hypothesis)? Answers: a. Smaller class size is related to better academic performance. b. There is no relationship
  66. Microbes and Society

    The “central dogma” is a supposedly firm principle that explains how genes function in cells. With the emergence of AIDS, the central dogma has come into question because of the ability of the AIDS virus to convert RNA into DNA. What is the central
  67. Microbes and Society

    one type of organic molecule in a bacterial species as a way of eliminating the microbe.
  68. Biology

    A heterozygous brown eyed (Bb) parent and a homozygous brown eyed parent (BB) have offspring. Which of these genotypes would not occur in their offspring? A. bb B. Bb C. BB Not positive but A?
  69. Biology

    A genotype represented by the letters TT is considered to be which of the following? A. Heterozygous dominant B. Homozygous recessive C. Homozygous dominant D. Heterozygous recessive A? Not sure
  70. Biology

    The short stem trait (t) is recessive to the tall stem trait (T). If a homozygous short pea plant is crossed with a heterozygous tall plant, what is the chance that the offspring will be short? A. one out of four B. three out of four C. all four D. two out
  71. Biology

    John has blue eyes. Blue eyes are recessive to the dominant trait for brown eye color. His genotype is bb. What is Johns phenotype? I don't know. Explain?
  72. Biology

    Mendel crossed two pea plants. One pea plant was homozygous tall (TT) and the other was homozygous short (tt). What are the possible phenotypes (how many tall plants and how many short plants did he get?) I don't understand questions like this.
  73. Biology

    A homozygous short dog (dd) is crossed with a heterozygous tall dog (Dd). What is the probability that the offspring will be short? Not sure ?
  74. MICROBES and society

    Which living things can harbor prion-like proteins?
  75. Microbes and Society

    Which living things can harbor prion-like proteins?
  76. Microbes and Society

    The toxin associated with the foodborne disease botulism is a protein. To avoid botulism, home canners are advised to heat preserved foods to boiling for at least 12 minutes. How does the heat help?
  77. english

    Identify the compound​ verb: On the​ weekends, I exercise and do things with friends. A. ​exercise, do things B. ​exercise, do C, on the weekends
  78. English

    Identify the correct sentence. A. Neither Bill nor Linda ever wish to see that snarling cat again. B. Bill and Linda hope never to see that snarling cat again. C. Bill and Linda wishes they would never see that snarling cat again. D. Bill and Linda hopes
  79. Mean (Average) Question

    I have ten lions with litter sizes of: 1,2,4,0,3,5,2,1,0. To calculate the mean am I dividing by the number of values in the set (9) or by the sample size of 10? Thanks.
  80. Math

    On Wednesday you drove from home to work at 60 mph and got there in 23 minutes.  On Thursday you drove at 69 mph.  Round answers to nearest 10th.  Use:  R 1 T 1 = R 2 T 2   (double click this to see clearer) Round answer to the nearest 10th and use
  81. Biology

    A green flower (GG) is crossed with a white flower (gg). Which combination of alleles is a possible outcome? * a. GG only b. gg only c. Gg only Not sure to be honest? Help?
  82. Physics

    How to get the equivalent resistance in this figure -----------r2------- | | | Battery. R1 R3 | | | -----------R4------ Values: R1= 90 R2= 50 R3= 40 R4= 20
  83. Math (Algebra)

    A chemistry student needs to make 60 liters of a 30% alcohol solution. He has a 20% alcohol solution and a 40% alcohol solution in the lab. How many liters of each strength does he need to mix together *The system of equations I did was: a+b=60 &
  84. Vectors

    A fishing boat leaves port at 8 miles per hour at a bearing of 220∘ for 5 hours, then turns to a bearing of 270∘ at 11 miles per hour for 4 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 300∘ at 9 miles per hour for 4 hours. At this point, the boat heads
  85. Math

    Jimmy opens a savings account with a $200 deposit at the beginning of the month. The account earns 4.6% annual interest compounded monthly. At the beginning of each subsequent month, Jimmy deposits an additional $200. How much will the account be worth at
  86. math

    An elementary school is offering 3 language classes: one in Spanish, one in French, and one in German. These classes are open to any of the 93 students in the school. There are 35 in the Spanish class, 31 in the French class, and 22 in the German class.
  87. Math

    Each student receives the same number of pencils and the same number of notebooks. This year she gave out 96 pencils and 72 notebooks. Which is the greatest number of students that can be in Ms. Thomas’s class this year?
  88. Calc answer check

    True or false If y =ax+b then DeltaY/DeltaX = dy/dx If Y= x+c then dy = dx If you can measure the length and width of a rectangle correct within .1 cm, then the calculated area will be correct within .1 cm as well. I have True for the first 2 and false for
  89. Math Help!

    Help me please. Not sure how to solve this. Can someone show me how to do it step by step. -2/5x-9
  90. Math

    In ΔABC, A=75 degrees and b=6. Giving your answer in interval notation, find the range of values of a such that: only one triangle is possible. two different triangles are possible. Please explain or show work!
  91. Math

    Henry walks out of his hall and proceeds to walk 160 feet due north. He then turns left (west) and walks 150 more feet. Finally, he turns 65 degrees left and walks 280 feet. How many feet is Henry from his starting point?
  92. chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of in water at a partial pressure of of 140. torr at 25°C. The Henry's law constant for is for Henry's law in the form C = kP, where C is the gas concentration (mol/L).
  93. chemistry

    What mass of glycerin (), a nonelectrolyte, must be dissolved in 200.0 g water to give a solution with a freezing point of –0.900°C?
  94. Math

    Match the inequality to its graph. Graph A. less than or equal to -1 Graph B. less than 3 Graph C. less than 1 Graph D. less than or equal to -3 7. 4y + 3 *less than or equal to* y+6 8. -2y > 2 9. y over 3 < -1 10. 3y *less than or equal to* 2y +3 Not
  95. Music

    A triad that contains the notes A and C could also contain which of the following notes? F B E F or E
  96. Social studies

    What fundamental problem did noah Webster see in the Articles of Confederation? > that states would always work in their own self-interest even if it meant harm to the nation as whole > that the central covernment would always favor large states over the

    Alewuya needs to mix a 20% acid solution with a 40% acid solution to create 100 millileters of a 24% solution. How many millileters of each solution must Alewuya use?
  98. Math

    What number am I 14 hundreds 5 thousands 8 tens
  99. math

    Dillan has a new cd with 6 songs on it. He puts it on random play. How many ways can the songs play ?
  100. Biology

    Which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shallow pond on a hot summer day? A. the low density of water in the solid phase B. water's strong forces of adhesion C. the high specific heat of water D. water's


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