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  1. math

    Ellen is playing a video game in which she captures butterflies. There are 6 butterflies onscreen, but the number of butterflies doubles every minute. After 4 minutes, she was able to capture 3 of the butterflies.
  2. math

    Stock bottle: Benadryl 50mg 720 mL. How many 4 oz bottles can be filled from this stock bottle?
  3. Geography

    What is absolute location? A. a precise measure of where a location falls in terms of longitude and latitude using units such as minutes and seconds B. a precise measure of distance around the equator C. a more precise measure of where a location falls in
  4. Pre calc

    Evaluate using the Pythagorean identities. Find sinθ and cosθ if tanθ = 1/4 and sinθ >0
  5. History

    Where were most of the southern plantations located?


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  1. math 2

    Agree it is 4.
  2. math

    idk i need help
  3. Chemistry

    Al2(CO3)3==> Al2O3+3CO2
  4. Science

    All of the plant populations in this habitat decreased
  5. Math