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  1. Financial management

    Need definition and scenario in healthcare for these words Term Definition Scenario Capital expenditure budget Direct cost Flexible budget Operating budget Responsibility center
  2. math

    ms. fuller has 2 2/6 pies left over from her party. write the number of pies left over as a fraction greater than 1.
  3. Science

    1. Do you think there is very much practical chemistry in today's world? Can you give any examples? 2. When you use different materials, what are they most likely to be made from: Elements, compounds, or mixtures? Which of the three is most rare. please
  4. english

    3. What role does freedom play in the poems you read in this unit? Write about at least three of the poems, describing how the poet uses imagery to depict freedom, the lack of it, or the desire for it.
  5. english

    2. Think about the two specific stanzas that the blues singer sings in “The Weary Blues.” What happens in each of the stanzas? How does the contrast between the two songs reinforce the overall theme of the poem?


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  1. math

    I don't care about math I just need fricken help!!!!
  2. math

    5x = 3x +4 -3x -3x 2x= 4 /2 /2 x =2 so Ab is 5 *2 which is 10 and BC is 10 and ac is 20
  3. algebra

    what? On another site I got told to subtract six from both sides leaving -3x = -37, then divid by -3 and get x = 37/3...sooo
  4. MATH

    Compliment angles add up to 90 degrees so: 90-65=25 25 degrees is your final answer.
  5. 3rd grader needs help with grammar

    my classmates and I