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  1. Calc 3

    Jessica and Matthew are running toward the point P along the straight paths that make a fixed angle of θ (Figure 1). Suppose that Matthew runs with velocity va (m/s) and Jessica with velocity vb (m/s). Let f(x,y) be the distance from Matthew to Jessica
  2. Calc 3

    Suppose xy^3z^2+133=2xy−z . Compute ∂z/∂x and ∂z/∂y at the point (2,−2,3).
  3. Calc 3

    The plane containing the lines r1(t)=⟨1,−4,−1⟩+t⟨1,2,−2⟩ and r2(t)=⟨1,−4,−1⟩+t⟨1,0,3⟩ has scalar equation
  4. Calc 3

    Find the distance from Q=(3,6,4) to the plane n ⋅⟨x,y,z⟩=2 where n=⟨3/5,4/5,0⟩. L=?
  5. chemistry

    The natural acidity of milk is 0.16% - 0.18% by mass. Predict how many mL of .1M NaOH will be required to neutralize a 50.0g sample of milk.
  6. Chemistry

    What parts of Dalton’s atomic theory no longer agree with the current picture of the current picture of the atom? Provide an answer using at least 3 to 4 complete content related sentences in your own words.
  7. Physics

    A horizontal uniform bar of mass 2.6kg and length 3.0m is hung horizontally on two vertical strings. String 1 is attached to the end of the bar, and string 2 is attached a distance 0.65m from the other end. A monkey of mass 1.3kg walks from one end of the
  8. environmental engineering computations

    A propane gas (C3H8) heater burns propane at a rate of 500 grams per hour. a) What is the oxygen consumption rate? (in g O2/hr.) b) If the heater uses a blower to provide outside air (0°C, 1 atm) for combustion, what is the minimum air flow rate the
  9. Math & science

    Clear glass is to be recovered from a stream of mixed glass materials using a binary separator. The mixed glass stream contains 65% clear glass and will have a feed rate of 100 kg/hour. One manufacturer A has a separator that is has an overall efficiency
  10. Math

    Does the table represent an exponential function? x 1 2 3 4 y –1 –8 –27 –64, I think it does.
  11. language arts

    in “concrete mixers “ what seems to be the speakers feelings about the concrete mixers ?
  12. english

    In the poem "I will pronounce your name" the speaker uses sensory details to appeal to all of the following senses except: A. hearing B. sight C. smell D. touch Please help thank you!
  13. science

    Which of the following would increase the effect of tides on Earth (high tides get higher, low tides get lower) - slowing the rate of rotation of the Moon. - increasing the rate of rotation of the Moon. *** - decreasing the distance between the Earth
  14. science

    Which of the following would increase the effect of tides on Earth (high tides get higher, low tides get lower) - slowing the rate of rotation of the Moon. - increasing the rate of rotation of the Moon. *** - decreasing the distance between the Earth
  15. Chemistry - van't Hoff factor

    The freezing point of a salt and water mixture is -0.58 C. The freezing point of an unknown ionic solution (0.100 m) is -1.04 C. 1. Determine the freezing point depression for the ionic solution. 2. How do you determine the van't Hoff factor for the ionic
  16. Science

    A researcher determined the amount of electrical energy was entering a lamp and the amount of light energy given off my the lamp. The amount of light energy was less than the amount of electrical energy. How can this be explained?
  17. Chemistry

    A 99.99% pure, 0.4903 g sample containing only carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is subjected to combustion analysis, resulting in the formation of 1.373 g CO2, 0.2791 g H2O, and 0.1860 g NO. What is the empirical formula of the sample?
  18. chemistry

    name an invention or event (related to science or technology) from the past 100 years that you think has helped shape the roles of women today.
  19. Chem

    Determine the boiling point of a sol'n containing 96.8 g MgBr2 in 2014 g of water.
  20. Geometry

    Two unit squares share the same center. The overlapping region of the two squares is an octagon with perimeter 3.5. What is the area of the octagon? I don't know how to do this. Could you please help me?
  21. eng

    In Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder,” which of Mr. Eckels’s character traits leads to drastic consequences for the rest of the world? (1 point) his lack of curiosity his carelessness his fearfulness*** his greed
  22. Physics

    the coefficient of kinetic friction between both blocks and the table is .200. determine the accelerations of blocks A and B each of which has a mass of 5.0kg The diagram shows a table with two blocks labeled A and B on them. A is connected to a rope that
  23. History

    Why did Adams increase the size of the American navy? A)He wanted to prepare for all-out war on Britain. B He hoped it would deter more attacks by French ships.*** C)He needed to use tax money to fund an increase in military spending. D)Congress passed a
  24. Math

    450 children take part in an art competition if there are 25% more boys than girls how many more boys than girls are there
  25. Language

    which of the following words from the poem has a negative connotation? splendor vibrate murky fringed**
  26. Math

    On a California map 1/4 of an inch represents 20 miles how many miles does 3 1/4 inches represent
  27. Language

    which sentence has proper subject-verb agreement? even my cousin steve feel sad today. even my cousin steve look sad today. even my cousin steve feels sad today.*** even my cousin steve looking sad today.
  28. La

    which of the following sentences includes a predicate pronoun? justin and meg are the winners of the contest. the winners of the contest are they. the winners of the contest are justin and meg. the winners of the contest are excited.***
  29. Algebra 1

    Work pad question. 13+ w/7 = -18 Ok so I know w= -217 but I need to know the steps. It would be very helpful.
  30. history

    how did washington gain control of boston? he sent 16,000 troops to launch a surprise attack on the british fort protecting boston. he surrounded the harbor giving them no option other than to surrender. he strategically placed cannons overlooking the
  31. Social Studies!

    What policy did President Washington follow during the period of war in Europe following the French Revolution? A. He remained neutral toward all European powers to avoid conflict*** B. He acted to promote democracy across Europe C. He promised to fight
  32. history

    Some scientists believe that paleo-americans migrating to the america sailed along the coast of north america.They sailed close to shore so that they could do which of the following? avoid warring groups that sailed in the open sea easily hunt whale make
  33. Social Studies

    What were some influences on self-government? Select all that apply. Commentaries on the laws of England** The Columbian exchange English bill of rights Poor Richard's almanac**
  34. Social Studies

    What was the basic economic structure established by England? import/export economy? mercantilism? market economy? capitalism?*** Am I wrong?
  35. English

    I want to make sentences about Donald Trump using the following words: counterfeit, kindle, remuneration, and talisman. I am no way bashing him. This is just for an English assignment.
  36. English: Orwell 1984

    Is this a right explanation to this quote and what else can be added in terms of explaining this quote when referring to IRONY? Thanks for any help! •Irony used upon Winston during his torture in the Ministry of Love (pg. 199) ◦“Their real weapon was
  37. AP English

    I'm having trouble finding IRONIES in George Orwell's "1984" book in PART 3 where it starts off from page 186 till the end. The beginning of part 3 goes " He did not know where he was... and so on". Some books are numbered differently so I wanted to
  38. physical science

    A pure gold bar is made up of 19.55mol of gold. What is the mass of the bar in grams?
  39. math

    alex is cutting 45 streamers into parts that are 5 2/3 feet long. if they are laid end to end how far will they stretch?
  40. Math

    Angelina goes to the library every 7 days.She goes to the market every 4 days.Today August 1, Angelina goes to both the library and the market.How many more time will she go to both places on the same day for the reminder of the year?
  41. lierature

    Over the course of The Screwtape Letters , the state of patient’s soul fluctuates as he experiences a conversion, doubt, dangerous friendships, war, love, and finally, in death, oneness with God. What major strategies does Screwtape use to tempt the
  42. Science

    What develops from the Allantois? (*note the umbilical cord is not an option for this question)
  43. Chemistry

    A buffer system contains 0.30 M NH4+ and 0.15 M NH3. pKa of NH4+ is 9.25. How many moles of NaOH must be added to 1.00 L of this solution to increase the pH to 9.25? Hint: What is the (NH3) / (NH4+) when the pH=pKa?
  44. math,science

    A car traveling at 22 m/s starts to decelerate steadily. It comes to a complete stop in 13 seconds. What is its acceleration?
  45. Alegebra

    The smallest regulation golf ball has a surface area of 8.86 square inches. If the diameter of the ball were increased by 10%, what will the surface area of the golf ball be?
  46. Algerba

    Simply these expressions: 8n^2 - 6n + 7n^2 - 4n +5 and 6x^2y + 5y - x^2 + 3y - 6y
  47. Algerba

    Solve: 2(4-4)+3r-4/2+4r-12+13s+5r+5(9-r)-6r+2(-4)-5(2s)+2(9+3r+2-3s = 57
  48. Math

    Two and four hundred eight ten-thousandths
  49. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    Which criticism did Tillman direct at Conservatives? A.They controlled the office of governor. B.They didn't think blacks should vote. C.They believed in white supremacy. D.They didn't care about common people. Is it C
  50. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    How did the economy of South Carolina change after the Civil War? A. Several industries developed in the state. B. Most freedmen became landowners. C. Cotton was no longer the chief crop. D. Former slaves did not provide farm labor. Is it D
  51. Language plz help | Essay Help

    So I was told to write/type a 300 word "oneshot" story but I don't know what that is. What is a oneshot story? Thank you! Ally
  52. MATH

    A contractor purchases gravel one cubic yard at a time. (a) A gravel driveway L yards long and 6 yards wide is to be poured to a depth of 1 foot. Find a formula for n(L), the number of cubic yards of gravel the contractor buys, assuming that he buys 12
  53. MATH.

    how do u find the inverse of this function: x^9*5+6
  54. social studies

    which event contributed most to the settlement of Muslim people in Islam? exodus diaspora>>> holocaust world war 2

    Help Please Can u check my answers? < = my answer If you do not experience some pain from your workouts, you are probably wasting your time: A.myth < B.fact You should still watch what you eat when you are exercising, in order to maintain a healthy weight:
  56. History help &lt;3

    what are some events that led to the ratification of South Carolina’s constitution of 1868?
  57. Math that needs an answer in the next 5-10 min!!!

    Triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF. Side AB is , and side DE is 6. The scale factor of ABC:DEF is 9. A) TRUE B) FALSE I think its A but I'm not entirely sure... PLZ HELP ASAP!!
  58. Science

    Which reaction is exothermic? A. Cellular respiration B. Photosynthesis C. Baking soda + vinegar D. Melting Ice***
  59. math

    a bathtub is being filled at a rate of 2.5 galons per minute.the bathtub will hold 20 gallons of water how long will it take to fill the bathtub?
  60. Question About my Essay

    Hi again, I was wondering about a paragraph in my Informal Essay & wasn't sure if what I had used was correct. Which of the following sentences is correct for an essay??? 1) According to matadornetwork (dot) com, we should have plenty of new pieces of
  61. Check my Essay Plz?!

    Ok this is an 8th Grade Language Arts essay: Informal Essay. "Take a humorous approach in your essay" is part of the instructions but I'm not sure if the essay isn't funny at all... or if it looks like I was trying too hard to be funny. Plz take a look &
  62. science please help

    Help please. According to the following diagram, approximately how much time goes by between phase H and phase B? explain your answer.
  63. Math

    How would I simplify it? 1/3 (3^2 x 3^-3)
  64. Math

    Find two consecutive even integers such that the sum of the larger and 3 times the smaller is 234. I don't get how to put it as in equation.
  65. Math

    The sum of four consecutive even integers is the same as the least of the integers. Find the integers. Help please!
  66. Math

    The sum of four consecutive even integers is the same as the least of the integers. Find the integers. I'm not sure how to solve it and put it in an equation!
  67. math

    A recipe calls for 4 cups of flour to make a dozen cookies. How many cups of flour would be needed for 54 cookies?
  68. math

    A recipe calls for 4 cups of flour to make a dozen cookies. How many cups of flour would be needed for 54 cookies?
  69. Government

    How do the European Union (EU) and United States (US) differ? Question 2 options: a)Location. b)The EU remains a confederation whereas the US is a federation. c) EU governance is based on treaties whereas the US is based on a constitution. d)Members of the
  70. AP Chemistry

    For the reaction NH3+? O2 →? NO+? H2O , what is the maximum amount of NO (30.0061 g/mol) which could be formed from 3.79 g of NH3 (17.0305 g/mol) and 18.63 g of O2 (31.9988 g/mol)? Answer in units of g -My first thought was to balance the equation, but I
  71. Math

    A carpenter is assigned the job of expanding a rectangular deck where the width is one-fourth the length. The length of the deck is to be expanded by 10 feet, and the width by 6 feet. If the area of the new rectangular deck is 128 ft^2 larger than the area
  72. Science

    A 13.0 kg block of concrete rests on a 5 cm by 2 cm board. What is the acceleration of the block of concrete here on Earth?
  73. Science

    A spherical object made of stone is dropped into a container of water and sinks to the bottoms of the container causing 30N of water to spill out. What is the estimated gravitational force of the object?
  74. Math Please Help

    Eliminate the parameter and sketch the curve. x=cos(theta) , y=cos^2(theta) + 8cos(theta)
  75. Math

    Remove the xy-term by rotation of axes, reduce the resulting equation to standard form and trace the curve on the new axes: 13x^2-10xy+13y^2=72
  76. geometry

    What is the cross section of a cylinder if it's cut perpendicular to the base? It's either a rectangle or a circle but I'm not sure.
  77. chemistry

    Can aluminum (Al) react with K2SO4 by single replacement to yield products? Using the activity series chart, I know that K is more reactive than Al so does that mean that a reaction will occur or not?
  78. math

    Chad has a rope that is 9 yards long. How many pieces of rope measuring of a yard can he divide his rope into?
  79. Chemistry

    Is PbI2 soluble in water or not? Following the solubility rules for ionic compounds, salts containing Pb are insoluble and iodide salts are soluble, so can it be both?
  80. algebra

    State if the inverse of y=x^2-4 is a function. So, I got y= squareroot of x+4 I'm don't think it's a function because of even roots, but I'm not sure
  81. spanish

    In the sentence:"Hay muchas historias sobre dónde y cuándo Piña coladas fueron encontrar," is fueron correct? or do I use eran instead?
  82. chemistry

    I'm adding these three atomic weights (40.1+12.0+48.0) together, and I got 100.1 How can I round my answer to three significant figures? thank you!
  83. Computer Science

    You try to run the CHKDSK utility from a command prompt but you keep getting an error message that you need to run it in Elevated Mode. How do you correct this? Reboot the computer in SAFE Mode and then run CHKDSK from a command prompt. Open command prompt
  84. Factories

    What are some working conditions in factories today? Please help Thank you:)
  85. chemistry

    how many molecules are in 5.5 moles of oxygen gas? How many atoms are in this quantity of gas? I used dimensional analysis and did: 5.5 mol. of oxygen x 6.02x10^23 molecules/1 mol of oxygen I got 3.3x^24 molecules of oxygen How do I find the # of atoms? I
  86. Math

    18 students in a class play baseball. 17 students in the class play basketball. 30 students in the class play either or both sports. Select the vend diagram that shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball. A. Baseball 13 (5) 12
  87. English- AP Lit

    My class is doing an essay on dracula and I need help with a thesis statement. This is the topic I chose: Issue of Trust & Sharing of Knowledge-Is there ever a time when it is better to be kept/keep others in ignorance? How does this connect to the idea of
  88. Chemistry

    What volume of oxygen gas is needed to react completely with 0.677 L of carbon monoxide gas (CO) to form gaseous carbon dioxide? Assume all volume measurements are made at the same temperature and pressure. Thanks in advance for all help!!
  89. chemistry

    What volume of oxygen gas can be collected at 1.26 atm pressure and 2.00◦C when 39.7 g of KClO3 decompose by heating, according to the following equation? 2 KClO3(s) ∆/MnO2 −−−−→ 2 KCl(s) + 3 O2(g) Answer in units of L.
  90. Art

    1. Realists reacted to the industrial revolution by creating what types of paintings? A. Images of the wealthy B. Images of the middle class C. Images of soldiers D. Images of despair D?
  91. Art

    Valley of the shadow of death by Roget Fenton 1. How does roger Fenton use visual composition in valley of the shadow of death to depict the loss of war? A. Cannonballs in a barren landscape hint at powerful destruction B. Cannonballs are a reminder of a
  92. ela

    I have to write a sentence with a polysyndenton sentence structure; is this an example of one? ex: I was stressed because the teacher inundated me with many projects and homework and classwork and materials
  93. math

    At a school camp, 30% of the students were boys. When 87 students left the camp after the second day, half the original number of boys were left behind, and the number of girls decreased by 20%. How many girls were at the camp in the beginning?
  94. Introduction to Computers

    What is a limiting factor of EFS when compared to BitLocker?
  95. spanish

    replace the underlined objects with the correct object pronoun . be sure to use se when it is required 1/ ayer mi mama compro un lapiz para mi
  96. Math

    What is an equation of the line, in point-slope form, that passes through the given point and has the given slope? a. y-9=4/9(x+3) b. y-9+4/9(x-3) c. y+3=4/9(x-9) d. y-3=4/9(x-9)
  97. Math

    The function f(x)=x^2. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the right 3 units and down 3 units. What is the function rule for g(x)? I honestly have no idea how to this… An example or helping me get through the problem would be great :) Thank you so
  98. Math

    Matthew used 1/5 of a box of flour for cooking and ¾ of the remainder to make bread. The rest of the flour was packed equally into 5 containers. What fraction of the total amount of flour was in each container?
  99. English

    I have two questions for english that I honestly don't know… I put what I think it is but I think its completely wrong… 1. Which of the following is a possible setting for works of American literary realism? Check all that apply. a. American West* b.
  100. Physics

    A 0.340 kg block on a vertical spring with a spring constant of 4.09 × 103 N/m is pushed downward, compressing the spring 0.0700 m. When released, the block leaves the spring and travels upward vertically. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . How


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