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  1. Algebra

    Rewrite y=1/6x-5 in Ax+By=C form. I have a whole work sheet of these could someone show me an example to solve this or direct me through this! Thank you~
  2. Quickquestion please help

    How do I find a square root of a number, without a calculator?
  3. Spanish 1

    Ana y Claudia _______ traen. (los manteles) A- Nos B- Lo C- Las D- Los
  4. algebra 1

    1. Which of the following is equivalent to x^5y^2/xy^2 when x not= 0 and y not= 0? a. x^6y^5 b. x^5y c. x^4y d. x^4
  5. math, I need help please answer quickly!

    A) Estimate 49% of 162 B) Use mental math to calculate 49% of 62


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  1. English

    hi thank you for helping me
  2. Social Studdies, Ms. Sue please check!

    thank you so much
  3. Social Studies (Check Answers)

    i got 8 out of 10
  4. Social Studis

    hi im lexi and im stuck on my test and i need help cus i have a f in this class if u know number 1 plz let me know
  5. Social Studies

    who knows the answere