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  1. Chemistry 2

    The mechanism for the reaction of nitrogen dioxide with carbon monoxide to form nitric oxide and carbon dioxide is thought to be the following. NO2 + NO2 NO3 + NO Slow NO3 + CO NO2 + CO2 Fast What would be the overall balanced equation to this reaction?
  2. Math Ms. Sue

    Use prime factorization to find the LCM of 30 and 40. A. 90 B. 120 C. 150 D. 200 Please Help!!!
  3. Social Studies

    What are the cordilleras? A) mountains found in the Guyana Highlands B) tributaries of the Orinoco River C) three parallel mountain ranges found in the Andes D) lowland plains found to the east of the Andes
  4. Math

    How does increasing the size of an object affect its volume to surface area ratio?
  5. Math

    Calculate the slant height for the given square pyramid. Round to the nearest tenth. Pyramid base= 6cm Height= 5cm 6.2 cm 5.8 cm 7.8 cm 7.2 cm I am usually very good at solving these kinds of problems but I cant focus on anything right now and I keep


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  1. Stats

  2. MATH

  3. Math

    Tan -7PI / 4
  4. Math Ms. Sue

    1200?????????? That's not an answer!!!!!!!!
  5. Science

    TXS sooooo much emma!!!!!!! I am failing and my mom is mad and I needed this!!!