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  1. Math

    Lee walks along the edges of a rectangular pool from point A to B to C to D, a distance of 38 metres. Marina walks along the edges of the same pool from B to C to D to A, a distance of 31 metres. What is the perimeter of the pool, in metres?
  2. Physics

    An airplane traveling at 200 mph in a direction of 40 degrees north of east encounters a wind blowing east at 50.0 mph. Find the velocity of the plane measured from the ground.
  3. physics

    Machines A, B, and C do the same amount of work, but they each take a different amount of time. Machine A takes more time as compared to machine C. Machine B takes the maximum time to do the same amount of work. Which machine expends the most power doing
  4. Physics

    Water flows from a fire truck through a hose that is 11.7 cm in diameter and has a nozzle that is 2.0 cm in diameter. The firemen stand on a hill 5.0 m above the level of the truck. When the water leaves the nozzle, it has a speed of 20.0 m/s. 1) Determine
  5. Math fractions

    Jackie loves to cook fried foods. She recorded the total amount of oil that she used each month in the table below. In January she used 3/5 of the amount of oil that she used in Fedruary. Fill in the amount of oil that Jackie used in January in the table


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  1. Pre- Algebra

    Wow, what a miracle, this site is still up. Lucky us :D
  2. history

    A is wrong i got 3/7
  3. Social Studies

    Reed looks like he's helping you look like your cheating #Backing up Samantha
  4. Math

    so the answer is 42 my thing says Lesson 8 I might have the wrong page v.v
  5. 6th grade

    sooo whats the answer?