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  1. social studies

    What allowed settlers to establish a colony in Texas? How did the interaction between the settlers in Texas and the Mexican government develop and change over time? How do you think the perspectives of the Texas settlers and the Mexican government would
  2. Social Studies

    What happened to some native americans during the jackson presidency? They were to leave their homeland and move westward. They allied themselves with slaves to seel equal protection under the law. They were given large land grants on their native soil.
  3. Social Studies

    After the xyz affair what did president adams do instead of declaring war? Need help
  4. Social Studies

    compare and contrast the views of the federalist party and the democratic republican party on at least three different historical issues? Can someone help me please
  5. Social Studies

    Which of the following were precedents that George Washington set during his presidency? Select all that apply He established a judicial system of nine justices that is still in place today. He chose well-known leaders to run his executive departments and
  6. Social Studies

    How can the Constitution be amended? I need help!!!
  7. Math

    Suppose y varies directly with x. If y = 6 when x = -2, find x when y = 15. a. ⅕ b. 5 c. -5 d. -⅕
  8. Social Studies

    The first Amendment protects which rights? Select all that apply the right to own a gun the right to a fair trial the right to practice a religion (or not) the right to criticize the government the right of owning property What do the 15th, 19th, and 26th
  9. Social Studies

    What fundamental problem did Noah Webster see in the Articles of Confederation? A. that states would always work in their own self-interest even if it meant harm to the nation as a whole B. that the central government would always favor large states over
  10. Social Studies

    What was the initial purpose of the Constitutional Convention? A. to write the constitution B. to amend the constitution C. to amend the articles of confederation*** D. to ratify the constitution