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  1. Social Studies

    What were some reasons for the French and Indian war?
  2. English

    Fill in the blanks The customer paid by .... f9r his new ..... suit
  3. Algebra

    Write as an equivalent absolute value equation. x-4=4x-5 or x-4=-(4x-5)
  4. Algebra

    A jet plane traveling at 550 mph overtakes a propeller plane traveling at 150 mph that had a 22​-hour head start. How far from the starting point are the​ planes? The planes are ____ miles from the starting point.
  5. Algebra

    A stack of $20, $50, and $100 was retrieved as part of a police investigation. There were 36 more $50 bills than $100 bills. Also, the number of $20 bills was 8 times the number of $100 bills. If the total value of the money was $9240, find the number of


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  1. Social Studies

    Thank you.
  2. c# programming

    i like this programming
  3. Math

    Stuck on this as well. I think you need to take 29/35 \ 41/12, which then we get a common denominator of 420 and I really wouldn’t mind lightening it up, but I digress. So 348/420 / 1435/420 which gets rid of the 420, so 1435/358 is the entire job. We
  4. Science 8

    Well this will help ok. I had the same answer when I was younger and I get it ok so here is the real answer. It is slow in air but slower in glass. Hopefully that helped a little. Bye I hope you do well believe in yourself ok. Have a great day.!!!!!!!!!
  5. Spanish 1