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  1. Physics

    One ship, sailing east with a speed of 7.5 m/s, passes a certain point at 8A.Mand a second ship sailing north at the same speed, passed the same point at 9:30 A.M. At What time are they closest together and what is the distance between them then?
  2. Mathematics

    A dealer gains a selling price of 4 watches by selling 20 watches. What is the percentage of profit?
  3. Math

    The product of numbers 3^(1/3).3^(1/9).3^(1/27)...... To infinity is A.3 B.3^(1/3) C.3^(1/2) D.3√3
  4. Science

    A ball is dropped from a height of 20 meter and rebounded with a velocity which is 3/4 of the velocity with which it hits the ground. What is time interval between the first and second bounces?
  5. Physics

    Two trains are running on parallel tracks., train A is faster than B.There is a box on each train of identical nature. But mass of box in train A is more than that of train B. If box is changed between the trains, what happens to speed of trains? A.Same B.


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  1. Math

    I am titally lost in this question and have absolutely no idea. Is there some rule or particular formula of solving such questions?
  2. algebra

    l=2w-----1 2{(l+4)+(w-1)}=198-----2
  3. Science - heat

    Thank you very much DrBob222

    -5(2a+5) is the one for 3
  5. chemistry

    True solution 1. Sucrose dissolved in water 2. Salt solution 3. Lemon juice 4. Urea in water 5. Acetic acid in water 6. Copper sulphate in water 7. All ionic compounds in water 8. Ethanol in water 9. Glucose dissolved in water 10. Air Could've googled